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It All Started With
A Crash, A Bang & A Scratch

It All Started With A Crash, A Bang & A Scratch

Jason Bolt was shredding on his mountain bike back in 2010 when he crashed hard. He saved his face but the lenses in his favorite sunglasses weren’t so lucky. When he looked into buying replacement lenses, he hit a brick wall—the company didn’t offer them for his frames.

So Jason took matters into his own hands, researching where the best sport sunglasses were made and ordering replacement lenses straight from the manufacturer. And since they wouldn’t sell him just one pair, he bought a batch of 200. He kept a few pairs for himself and with the other 197, launched his first collection, selling them directly to people online. This meant he could cut out the mark-ups of the middleman and have greater control over quality.

This story isn’t just history. It’s our legacy. Revant continues to push for better solutions and we believe that we can build the highest quality lenses and stronger communities, all at the same time. That’s why in 2017, Revant started manufacturing in the USA — creating dozens of jobs cutting and testing hundreds of lenses a day from our Portland, Oregon headquarters.

We’ve made some big moves but we’re just getting started. No matter where the future takes us, if the Revant name is on it, you can be sure you’re getting our very best.

Our Vision

Beat up eyewear is not a tragedy. It’s a badge of honor. It’s proof of life well-lived, risks taken, and challenges accepted. Optically speaking though, scratched lenses are not ideal. And with that spark, the Revant revolution was born.

Revant Optics exists to help people see that better optics can enhance every activity under the sun. And we’re doing it one set of high-performance lenses and one happy customer at a time. When it comes to our products we believe in progression, in innovation, and in the time-tested method of grinding it out until it’s absolutely, undeniably perfect. This is as much a part of who we are as injection-molded polycarbonate or fusion melded high-grade polarized filters. In other words, our standards are high, our calibration is dead-on and our quality control is relentless. And it doesn’t end with our lenses. We apply these same values to our customers, our team, and our community. Doing right by them is the right thing to do. So that’s what we try to do. And we always will.

Our commitment to making the best lenses on the planet is real. Our dedication to the experience is true. And the future–well, it’s looking pretty bright.

We are Revant Optics. And this is how we see things.

Our Team

We’re not just people who work at Revant, we’re a team that puts in the work to create incredible experiences and products for you. We relentlessly attack every challenge, learn fast to create the future, and leverage our success to give back.

Chaundra Austin
Supply Chain Manager

Emily Ballmaier
Social Media Specialist

Jason Bolt
Founder & CEO

Jesse Califf
Product Catalog Specialist

Laura Good
Senior Experience Guide

Thomas Hamilton
Systems Manager

Matt Hogan
Experience Guide

Caleb Iorg
CFO & Ops

Cayley Jensvold
Experience Guide

Tyler Jorenby
Senior Experience Guide

Cody Kautz
Graphic Designer

Kevin Kern
Digital Marketing Manager

Jeff Mergy
VP of Product & Innovation

Kasoma Moss
Warehouse Specialist

Sharon Moya
Experience Guide

Anne Nichols
VP of Ecommerce & Brand

Rachel O'Brien
Experience Outfitter (Lead)

Evan Rodarte
Warehouse Specialist

Chris Sataua
Product Manager

Kelsey Sayre
Accounting Manager

Stephen Valesano
Digital Experience Manager

Logan Waltersdorff
Process Expert

Chantell Wells
Experience Guide

Interested in joining our team? Check out our careers page.


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