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The Revant Advantage

All About Revant

Our Story

It all started in 2009 when our CEO and founder, Jason Bolt, ate it hard while mountain biking.

He saved his face, but not his favorite sunglasses.

When he looked into buying replacement lenses he hit a brick wall — after waiting 4 days for a response, the company told him that they didn't support his older frames.

Jason took matters into his own hands, ordering a batch of 200 replacement lenses straight from a manufacturing company. He kept a few pairs for himself and with the rest, launched his first collection of lenses.

They sold out in one weekend.

Seeing a need was being met, he began selling the new lenses directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman.

Along the way, he stamped out the blueprints of how he wanted to operate:

1. Learn everything about lens technology, find out what people want, and use that knowledge to improve. Repeat.

2. Do more for people than they expect and never give them canned, impersonal responses.

3. Charge what’s fair, not simply what the market allows.

Today, Revant is still doing those things. And in the process, revolutionizing the eyewear market, two lenses at a time.

Our Team


Equal parts backyard dwellers and world-traveling wanderers, our team is an interesting mix of patient listeners, creative thinkers, and all-hat wearers who are always after the next adventure. We play as hard as we work — tackling every challenge head on, learning from our mistakes, and going after the next one.

Want to join us? See if we're hiring.

Community Over Capital

Community Over Capital

When we say that it’s our mission to enhance and inspire adventure, we're not just putting words on a page. We really believe that adventure makes for a richer life.

Putting our words into action, we've partnered with a non-profit whose heart mirrors our own. Outdoors for All is a foundation that enriches the lives of people with disabilities through outdoor recreation.

Read more about Outdoors for All here.



We could bury these at the bottom of the page in a subtle watermark, and then try to act bashful when you take note.

But we won’t.

Because they're proof that being customer-centric, building value for your community, and focusing on purpose beyond profit works.

• Inc 500 Fastest Growing Company 2014
• Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company 2015
• Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company 2016
• Two-Time Honoree 100 Fastest Growing Companies

Revant Ambassadors

Revant Ambassadors

Carving mountains, riding rivers, and eating up trails all over the world, our ambassadors are the risk-takers and fearless adventurers we all seek to be. You don't need to be a professional to go outside and do cool things. You just have to be willing to go and do.

Interested in being an Ambassador? Find out more.

How it Works

Swapping lenses is a snap! Let us show you how easy it is.

Superior Technology

Control your view with lenses engineered for crucial protection, total comfort, and stunning clarity.

Shop Lenses

Swap your scratches, customize your look, or fine-tune your performance with premium replacement lenses with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Outdoors for All

The mission of Outdoors for All is to enrich the quality of life for children and adults with disability through outdoor recreation. 100% of this donation will be transfered to the Outdoors for All Foundation.

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