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Announcing the New

By Kirsti Smouse

October 3, 2016

Announcing the New

By Kirsti Smouse

October 3, 2016

Your Feedback Brought to Life

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster?

You wait in line for hours, eagerly anticipating the ride.

When it’s finally your turn, you settle into your seat. The heavy bars fall on your shoulders, the attendants do their safety checks, and then you pull away from the platform.

You inch your way up, hearing the rhythmic click, click, click as you near the top.

Then you pause.

Nothing but empty air around you and the park spread far below.

With a sudden whoosh, you drop — your stomach rising into your throat as the air rushes into your face and you plummet down.

That’s a little like how it feels right now at Revant HQ.

Today, we dropped the new on the world.

Unlike a coaster rider, the wait was much longer in coming.

We settled into our seats for the actual build about 10 months ago, but the “waiting in line” has been happening for years —

With ideas scribbled into notebook margins.
Comments from individuals visiting our site.
Post-its stuck to computer monitors.
Concepts scrawled onto whiteboards during meetings.
Suggestions sent in by our customers saved to a feedback log.
Inspirations pinned to boards.
Responses collected from surveys.

Team assessing notes and design plans

We pulled in every idea — from the tiniest, practical suggestions to the far-flung grandiose dreams, then condensed and reshaped them. We shuffled the ideas around, pushing some aside for later, bringing new ones in on the spot, until we found a workable flow — a design that spoke to our brand and improved user experience ten times over.

And then with a deep breath before the plunge and exhilaration, we pushed our new site live.

Creative Director, Brandon Littlefield, checking out a white board with notes

We recognize, of course, that this isn’t a roller coaster experience for you. You likely didn’t experience a rush of adrenaline when you opened our site. You couldn't possibly know about the “click, click, click” of the push to get to this point — the hours of development, the project tasks layered in comments and questions, or the numerous drafts we labored over.

All that really matters is that you enjoy the experience.

  • That you can easily find the replacement lenses you need to refresh your sunglasses.
  • That you leave our site without any lingering questions because we’ve already answered everything you could think of.
  • That you feel confident knowing that if you need any support, you’ll get it from friendly, knowledgeable people who would love to help.
Wide angle shot of our wall of notes

Our previous site was actually pretty decent. We received compliments on it regularly.

But we refuse to rest on “good enough.”

Because we believe that our customers deserve our best.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and how we work.

We hope that you enjoy this new site. We invite you to explore and learn more about us.

In true Revant fashion, we're already compiling a list of ways to make it even better.

CEO, Lead Designer, and Creative Director laying out process for new site
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