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Carson Storch Prepares for Red Bull Rampage

By Revant Optics

October 24, 2018

Carson Storch Prepares for Red Bull Rampage

By Revant Optics

October 24, 2018

Revant Optics presents Focus featuring Carson Storch—the first in a series dedicated to exploring the mindsets, visions, and pursuits of our elite athletes. Whether it's dialing in your tricks before the biggest freeride competition in the world, or building community and raising awareness of global issues, when you focus on what matters you elevate everyone around you.

Preparing for Red Bull Rampage

From launching off a steep cliff in the Utah desert to wowing judges on a world stage, any trick you see Carson lay down started here at his home training compound. Carson has invested hours upon hours into dialing in his backyard setup. Complete with airbag and mulch pit jumps, the Storch Compound is the perfect setting to push the limits of mountain biking.

Carson Sorch practicing

Reflecting on his career, Carson is quick to point out that his local trails played an integral part in his training and his success. Nestled in the trees on the outskirts of Bend, Oregon, perfect ribbons of sculpted dirt jumps gave Carson a proving ground to dial in his slopestyle mastery. It was on these trails, that Carson decided to fully commit to making mountain biking his future.

Carson's all-around likability and his prominence on the mtb scene has given him the ability to draw the worlds best riders to his own event, Black Sage. Even as it continues to grow, Carson has made sure that the event stays true to his own vision – that riding bikes should be fun and focused on progression rather than results.

Carson Sorch tricks
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