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Employee Profile: Evan Reisbeck

By Kirsti Smouse

August 21, 2015

Employee Profile: Evan Reisbeck

By Kirsti Smouse

August 21, 2015

Director of Customer Experience

If fate had played her cards a little differently, Evan Reisbeck might have grown up saying “ya’ll,” drinking sweet tea, and rooting for the Big 12. And possibly melting to death from the heat.

Considering anything over 85°F might as well be equivalent to the burning fires of hell, it’s a good thing Evan ended up as an Oregonian.

Born and raised in Tigard, a town just outside of Portland, he enjoys everything the region has to offer — the outdoors, the moderate climate, the sports teams, and naturally, the tap water.

Truth. It’s really good water.

And since Evan has such great taste and more good sense than he knows what to do with, he decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon. While there, he found a job with Revant Optics folding boxes, checking the quality of lenses, shipping packages out all over the world, and learning more about sunglasses than he ever thought was possible.

After 2 years in the warehouse and a stint abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia, Evan came back on as a Customer Service Representative where he put his knowledge of sunglasses and the Russian language to good use answering emails, impressing customers, and eventually problem-solving his way to his current position as the Director of Customer Experience.

When he’s not figuring out better ways to do things at work, Evan likes to stay active. From hiking the trails with his girlfriend, camping with friends, or hitting the hardwoods on his city league basketball team along with Revant’s CEO and CFO, if it’s recreational, he’ll be there. Unless he’s feeling lazy, in which case a day spent playing Xbox or watching hour after hour of college football is the way to go.

Due to a near-death accident with a risky swing set nearly two decades ago, Evan experiences traumatic flashbacks whenever he steps foot in a park. It’s made his love of feeding the ducks very trying, but each day is one step closer to healing.

Evan at Hermitage
Hermitage (Winter Palace), St. Petersburg Russia. On many occasions, I actually got lost in it.
Evan at Castle
This is outside a Castle in Talinn, Estonia. I love Castles, so in Estonia and Prague I was basically nerding out over the Castles.
Evan at beer library
While traveling in Prague I visited a floor to ceiling, wall to wall beer library from all around the world.
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