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Employee Profile: Jason Bolt

By Kirsti Smouse

May 26, 2015

Employee Profile: Jason Bolt

By Kirsti Smouse

May 26, 2015

Founder & CEO

If anyone ever needed to give blood in Revant Headquarters (for no discernable reason), Jason would be the guy to stick the needle in the arm. Because being a certified phlebotomist is just standard CEO kind-of stuff. Obviously.

A former court bailiff, fraud manager, bookstore clerk, and even one time vagabond, nothing about Jason’s varied work history necessarily predicted a trajectory towards founder and CEO of Revant Optics.

Except for one thing.

Born and raised in Redmond, Washington by parents who encouraged his spirit of adventure, outdoor pursuits, and big heart, Jason always was a dreamer with lots of ideas. Affected by a trip he took to Kenya as a high school senior, he realized that he felt called to help others. Over the years, how this calling would meld with his career took a few twists and turns, starting with the pursuit of a bachelor’s in political science with the ultimate goal of law school and international human rights advocacy. Along the way, and after a few more trips to Kenya with the non-profit Two Feet Project, he switched gears to medicine. After a fateful mountain biking crash resulting in a scratched pair of lenses and the quest to replace them, Jason finally stumbled on the perfect fit.

Ultimately, Jason was not destined to be either a lawyer or a doctor, but the deep rooted values that initially inspired these goals never waned. He uses his current role to build relationships, inspire people to creative action and aspirations bigger than themselves, and give back to the communities dear to his heart.

Jason mountain biking
Jason hiking

When he’s not conducting meetings, fielding phone calls, and coming up with new ideas, Jason likes to bomb every foot of single track the upper-left corner of the US has to offer, wakeboard, shoot some hoops, watch Vice News, and read books on business while trotting the globe with his wife by his side. All simultaneously. He’s that good at multi-tasking.

Surprisingly, Jason doesn’t know how to swim, but he is scuba certified and recently dove in an underground cave system called the Cenotes in Tulum. Don’t question it. Just remember — He's Jason Bolt. He’s just that good.

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