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Employee Profile: Kirsti Smouse

By Revant Optics

April 27, 2015

Employee Profile: Kirsti Smouse

By Revant Optics

April 27, 2015


A Portland native through and through, Kirsti was practically raised on coffee and beer. That’s not true. But her love for her city, its teams (RCTID), and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest are unquestionably defining influences in her story.

A lover of the outdoors from the get-go, she spent her childhood hiking, biking, and fishing in every corner of Oregon. In a family of 11, vacation was pretty much synonymous with camping. Golden sand beaches and foreign cities were not on the docket. That would come later.

Kirsti traveling in Thailand at the bridge over the River Kwai

Kirsti taking photos at Opal Creek, Oregon.

After graduating from the University of Oregon, she set out for graduate school and a whole new life across the world. For two years, she taught English, traveled as much as possible, and wrote about her adventures in China before heading back home in 2012.

When she’s not making-up things to say about Revant, you can find her eating her way through a pile of tacos, attempting to play indoor soccer, hanging out with her giant family, or buried in a book.

A surprising fact about Kirsti is that at 13, she won the Home Economics award for sewing. And then she never sewed another thing in her life.

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