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Employee Profile: Laura Good

By Kirsti Smouse

November 27, 2015

Employee Profile: Laura Good

By Kirsti Smouse

November 27, 2015

Experience Guide

Discovery is in her bones, Oregon in her heart, and creativity in her soul. Laura Good was a perfect addition to the Revant team.

A born wanderer who found roots in Portland as young adult, Laura spent much of her childhood traveling the US in her family’s Toyota Dolphin. Visiting as many state parks, national forests, and museums as the four wheels of their motorhome could find, Laura credits her love of learning to her years spent on the move. She once spent a summer living in a van following the Further Tour (the surviving members of the Grateful Dead) from the tip of Maine to San Francisco and everywhere between. With 49 states down and Alaska in her sights, she’s not done yet.

While she’s not out discovering new physical locations, you can find her furthering her sense of discovery with new books, plays, and music. Laura steamrolls through the library shelves, finishing a novel, non-fiction work, or stack of comic books a week. She frequently spends her weekends at concerts, operas, or live theatre events. An avid lover of the arts, it’s no surprise she raised a classically trained opera singing and acting daughter. Along with marrying her husband, she counts seeing her daughter perform as one the highlights of her life. That, and meeting Don Knotts. But they’re probably not on the same level. The Andy Griffith Show and Three’s Company are pretty stiff competition after all.

Laura’s work history is as rich and varied as the rest of her story. She sold jewelry and gemstones, drove a school bus, worked at 2 spice shops, raised a child, and nursed a cat before settling in at Revant. Her ability to consume vast quantities of information in one go and create an authentic connection with whomever she encounters has made her an invaluable Experience Guide. She loves learning from the Revant community, hearing their adventures, and providing solutions for their queries.

Despite the impressive amount of shows she’s experienced over the years, Laura has yet to see Tom Waits. Until that day, she’ll find comfort in an inordinate amount of jasmine green tea, collecting more tattoos and antique mourning jewelry, and hanging out with her cat.

Laura at resturant
Hanging out at McMenamin's Kennedy School
Laura at concert
Soaking up the music at an Umphrey's McGee concert
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