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How to Identify Your Sunglasses for Lens Replacement

By Revant Optics

January 7, 2019

How to Identify Your Sunglasses for Lens Replacement

By Revant Optics

January 7, 2019

A perfect fit starts with the right information

Identifying your sunglasses is the most important step to ensure your new lenses fit perfectly. We'll show you where to look on your frame to make sure you get the right lenses for your sunglasses.

How to identify Ray-Ban sunglasses
Example: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132 52mm sunglasses
How to identify Oakley sunglasses
Example: Oakley Holbrook sunglasses

How to Identify Your Sunglasses

Brand Name

Start by looking for a logo or name printed on the outside temple of the frames to identify which brand of sunglasses you have.

Frame Name

Then find the frame name by looking for a logo or name printed on the inside temple of the frames.

Pay special attention to qualifiers like an "S" or an "XL" that indicate frame size or lens.

Some frames have multiple editions made over the years with the same name. If our website lists a year with the frame model name, click the CONFIRM FIT button on the product page to make sure you choose the right one.

Frame Number

If you don't see a frame name on your sunglasses, there may be a SKU number to identify your frames. A SKU usually looks something like this: RB2132 or MJ103.

Lens Size

Some Ray-Ban frames have multiple sizes. The size is usually a number found after the SKU before the square ▢ symbol.

Lens size after the SKU before the square symbol

Confirm Fit

We provide a CONFIRM FIT button on our lens product pages for commonly confused frame styles with additional resources to help you double check you're getting the right lenses.

If you don't see the confirm fit button and are not sure if you have found the right lenses for your frames, feel free to reach out to an Eyewear Expert for help.

image of the confirm fit button on the lenses product page

Find Lenses for Your Frame

You can search for those frame identifiers in our search tool to find lenses that will fit your frames.

Or Browse Lenses By Brand

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Our lenses are engineered for a precise fit. If your Revant lenses don't fit and perform as promised, we'll replace them or refund your entire order. Read more about our guarantee here.

Eyewear Expert Support

If you've given it your best shot and still can't ID your frames, it's time to call in the pros. Email an Eyewear Expert clear photos of the front of the frames, the sides of the frames, and any writing or numbers on the frames, and we'll help you find the right lenses.

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