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Inspired by Oregon: The Byway Snapback and Powder Keg Beanie

By Kirsti Smouse

January 1, 2016

Inspired by Oregon: The Byway Snapback and Powder Keg Beanie

By Kirsti Smouse

January 1, 2016

Behind the Design

It’s a tradition at Revant to commemorate each anniversary with a hat — just a little something to show off our Revant pride around town and on the trails. The team and our family and friends love the hats so much, we decided to create some limited editions to share with everyone. A snapback and beanie seemed obvious choices for our outdoor-minded community and a natural extension of our company culture.

We didn’t have to go far for inspiration. Oregon, in all its geographic glory, offers nearly any terrain you could imagine within its borders — high desert, rugged coastline, majestic mountains, and lush rain forest. The physical outlines of that geography were important in giving the design its shape, but the real inspiration stems from what those landmarks represent: home and the promise of adventure.

“One of the greatest things about living in Portland is that you can be snowboarding up at Mt. Hood in the morning and surfing Pacific City that same afternoon . . . if you have massive amounts of energy,” says Olivia Pedersen, Graphic Designer at Revant and the heart and brains behind the product design.

Olivia designing

In order to capture that idea, Olivia designed a graphic that combined 3 iconic mountains in Oregon with the choppy waters of the Pacific. The Byway Snapback picked up its name from the scenic highway that links the famed Hood to the rugged Oregon coastline.

Sea to Sumit Pattern
Revant sea to summit pattern

Running along Highway 26 and connecting with the Mount Hood Scenic Byway, the route twists and turns through rich forests and checkered farmland, past tumbling waterfalls and rushing rivers. The highway shows off some of Oregon’s most stunning scenery and was a natural fit for what we wanted to represent in the Byway.

The mockup of the byway snapback
The Byway Snapback
guy wearing hat
Hiking the Tilly Jane Trail on Mt. Hood

Mount Hood, central to the design of the snapback is also the main focus on the first ever Revant beanie. As the Pacific Monthly noted in 1902,

“. . . There is no city in the world that is more influenced by a single mountain than Portland, Oregon. Although there are more than five other snowcapped mountains visible from the city, Mount Hood wields a mystic influence that is nothing short of remarkable. It is the crowning beauty of a most enchanting landscape.”

PDX Skyline at dawn

The mountain rises in clear relief above the city, greets us on our morning commute, and salutes us from nearly any vantage. In designing the beanie, Olivia knew she wanted to honor our pride of home, and Mount Hood was a perfect choice.

Mt.Hood Illustration

The fractal pattern gives the design weight and dimension, but also celebrates the lines we create on the mountain — swooping down its snowy slopes or riding along its dusty trails. In keeping with that theme, the Powder Keg Beanie earned its name from a black diamond run that graces the southern face.

Aesthetics weren’t the only consideration while developing our hats. We created the Powder Keg with two-layers, fleece lining, and a ribbed cuff to seal out the cold. The Byway features a mesh back for ventilation, a wide brim to keep the rain off our face and sun out of our eyes, and sturdy wool construction for durable wear. We’ve taken them out on the trail to Tilly Jane, above the timberline on Mount Hood, on rainy days at Cape Hope, and down the slopes of Mount Bachelor.

Beanie mockup
Powder Keg Beanie
guy wearing beaine
Hiking Cape Horn trail on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge

We’re looking forward to where we’ll take them next.

We tip our hats to you, Oregon. Thanks for the inspiration and adventures.

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