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Introducing New Vented Lenses: Tracer Rose & Tracer Yellow

By Kirsti Smouse

August 10, 2015

Introducing New Vented Lenses: Tracer Rose & Tracer Yellow

By Kirsti Smouse

August 10, 2015

Product Announcement

Introducing 16 new lenses that you just don’t see every day. And some Revant Exclusives that you’ve never seen anywhere else.

Tracer Rose and Yellow Vented lenses.

Our Tracer lenses are for the serious contender who is always pushing hard and looking for that extra edge.

They boost visual acuity — highlighting what you need to see and cutting out the color spectrum that can cause distractions.

Tracer Yellow gathers available light, brightening dark, shaded areas. This specific tint is great for mountain biking, when you’re dodging in and out of patchy lighting, as well as skiers and shooters on an overcast day. The yellow tint provides excellent contrast and depth perception in low light. You can read a little more about it here.

Tracer Rose heightens contrast and is specifically useful in blocking blue light, emphasizing the red and yellow hues on the course so you can better read the greens. You can read a little more about these lenses here.

We know that going hard can sometimes mean fogged lenses, resulting in impaired vision and potential disaster. With the expansion of 16 new vented lenses to our Tracer line, now you can enjoy the edge tinted lenses provide without worrying about your lenses fogging up. The cuts in the lenses maximize air flow, ensuring optimal ventilation and clear sight lines.

Our vented lenses for Half Jacket and Flak Jacket are exclusive to Revant. Even though half frames often provide more ventilation than full frames, we found our lenses were still fogging up out on the trails. Seeing room for improvement, we decided to do something about it. You won’t find lenses with these specific cuts for Half and Flak Jacket anywhere else.

We took our new lenses out to the course for a few rounds of golf and hit up some singletrack to put them through their paces and see how they worked out. Here’s what people had to say about them:

Vented Tracer Yellow

"The Tracer Yellow Vented Lenses were awesome on the trail. Riding in Post Canyon near Hood River in the late afternoon meant there wasn't a lot of direct sun and there are alternating sections of open space and shaded sections within the forest. The Tracer Yellow seemed to elevate the amount of sunlight available, making the details of the trail more visible (even in the shadows), while increasing contrast of the terrain, allowing me to better sight my line, pick out the obstacles and features and ride with confidence.

"The Venting was awesome! At a complete standstill, I had a little haze build up along the top edges of the lenses nearest my brow, but that was minimal and once I got moving, even a little, it cleared right up! I highly recommend for trail riding or any time you want to brighten your view in medium to lower light conditions."

"The new Revant Tracer Yellow lenses performed fantastically on the trails while mountain biking in Post Canyon at dusk. Not only did they brighten up the trial and surrounding terrain, making it easier to pick the optimal line, the venting ensured they stayed fog free while also protecting my eyes from the bugs, rocks, and dirt as we flew down the trails. As soon as I put them on, I immediately felt more confident because of the improved contrast, clarity, and protection. They are now my go-to lens for any activities in low light!"

Vented Tracer Rose

"I noticed the benefits of the Tracer Rose most on the green. The high contrast really helped see the contours of the green and read putts better."

"Love the lenses. No fog issues at all. Clarity is excellent. These lenses are great for the ever-changing light conditions on a golf course. Bright sun to shade to overcast through an afternoon round."

Enhance your vision, maximize your performance, and don’t get stuck in the fog.

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