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Meet the Ambassadors: Matteo and Stefano Parravicini

By Kirsti Smouse

July 13, 2015

Meet the Ambassadors: Matteo and Stefano Parravicini

By Kirsti Smouse

July 13, 2015


Born and raised in Paina, a small town located in the north of Italy, the Parravicini brothers were die-hard soccer players with grand dreams of pursuing their passion on the pitch. Although fans of cycling, neither brother treated it as more than a passing hobby until both suffered knee injuries within months of one another.

They took to their bicycles simply as a means of recovery, but it didn’t take long for cycling to become a passion. Starting out with mountain biking, they soon made the switch to road biking, an obvious choice in the province of Brianza—home to one of the widest communities of amateur cyclists in the country. Their passion was catching, and within a few years the brothers had formed Team DuePi, a group of 23 amateur riders who take advantage of the beautiful countryside as often as possible.

Cyclist coming into the finish line
Matteo sporting HC3® Emerald Green lenses in Flak Jackets. -Photo by DuePi team

After 10 years in the sport, Matteo and Stefano have seen more than their fair share of hills. And they love every bone-tiring, muscle-burning climb. Most recently, they took part in the Granfondo Stelvio Santini, one of the toughest gran fondos in Europe, compromising 95 miles, 13,321 feet of ascent, and 2 passes—the Stelvio and Mortirolo Pass, touted as some of the most brutal climbs in the world. After crossing the finish line on the top of Stelvio, Matteo described it as feeling as though he were in heaven after 95 miles of pure hell.

Team DuePi guys - Renzo, Eugenio and Simone - riding in Brianza, Italy. - Photo by DuePi team
Two cyclists
Matteo and Stefano Parravicini at the GF Stelvio Santini. Here in Bormio, ready to start the ascent of the Stelvio Pass. - Photo by DuePi team

But as their motto goes, the tougher the climb, the better. The brothers ride predominantly in the Swiss and Italian Alps, and have plans to ride every legendary climb of the Giro d’Italia, as well as the French Alps, the Pyrenees and the Spanish Bola del Mundo.

The strength and endurance to power up and over those mountains takes a lot of discipline, hours of training, and a devotion to the sport that some (including the brothers) may call crazy. But hitting that top of the climb is always worth it. Every time.

Racing cyclists
Fabrizio and Davide sprinting to the finish line at GF Gimondi in Bergamo, Italy. - Photo by DuePi team
Road biking
Stefano at Lasnigo, on his road to Madonna del Ghisallo Shrine (cyclists patron saint). - Photo by DuePi team
Revant swag
Elite HC3 Emerald Green & Stealth Black lenses - Photo by DuePi team

Some Questions for Matteo and Stefano:

What’s your favorite thing about cycling and what do you like the least?

There are so many things we love about cycling! When you ride, you really experience and enjoy freedom and you have the chance to see amazing landscapes. And the joy you feel when you reach the top after a tough climb is priceless!

On your bike, immersed in the silence of the mountains, you forget all the stressful things about your work and your life, and you simply enjoy the moment!

What we like the least is the traffic. More than often, especially here in Italy, drivers are not so friendly with cyclists! That's the reason why we tend to train very, very early in the morning during weekends . . . no cars around!

Most important thing to take out on a ride?

One only???? We say at least 3: helmet for your safety, energetic bars and gels (because you might need extra fuel to reach home after a long ride!), and a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from wind, sunlight, sweat, and uninvited friends (bees, flies, wasps).

What is your favorite Revant lens?

Our favorite lenses are the Elite HC3® Polarized. We have them on our Oakley Flak Jacket, they are amazing: you practically see in HD and the eyes are protected all ride long, even when the sunlight is dazzling.

What do you do when you’re not on a bike?

We spend a lot of time on our bikes, covering more than 6300 miles per year.
The rest of the spare time is for our families . . . and also to keep our team blog updated.

Another big passion is soccer—we are Italian, in the end!! Our favorite team is AC Milan.

Any other interesting facts or things you’d like to share?

We are part of an amateur cycling team, the Team DuePi, a group of nearly 20 athletes always ready and eager to ride and face new challenges.

We share a big passion for this amazing sport: cycling is such a cool activity, we highly recommend it!

Group photo
On the top of Ghisallo climb. All the guys from Team DuePi and a lot of other friends that love
cycling! Photo by DuePi team
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