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Revant Elite: The Evolution

By Kirsti Smouse

June 13, 2016

Revant Elite: The Evolution

By Kirsti Smouse

June 13, 2016

Product Announcement

How We Made Our Best Lenses Even Better

We released the first generation of our Revant Elite lenses in October 2014.

Our most technologically advanced lenses to date, they packed in the essentials required of optically superior lenses:

  • Razor-sharp clarity that extended throughout the full field-of-view
  • Precision polarization fused to the lens for vivid contrast and glare elimination
  • ANSI Z87.1 high mass and velocity impact rating for over-the-top protection
  • Long-lasting hard coating to preserve the life of the lens
  • 100% infused UV and blue light protection

Elite HC3® lenses won over the skeptics.

Turned critics into fans.

Doubters of aftermarket lenses into believers.

And garnered thousands of positive reviews across the internet. Thousands.

But before the first review ever hit the wires——

Before our complete line was even fully released——

We were already dreaming about what we were going to do next.

Because we knew they'd be a hit. We spent countless hours talking to our customers, pouring over reviews, and conducting research and product development to deliver a high-quality lens at a reasonable price. But that wasn't enough. We were ready to tackle the next challenge:

How to take our best and make it even better?

So we went back to our community and asked them. The feedback we heard over and over was a request for lenses that were tuned for particular activities.

Fishermen wanted lenses that would improve their odds of spotting fish.

Baseball players wanted lenses that would make the ball stand out.

Mountain bikers wanted lenses that would enhance shifts in terrain.

What each athlete needed varied based on what activity they were doing and what environment they were doing it in. It wasn’'t a one lens fit all scenario.

So, working with athletes and optical experts specializing in color filtration science, we developed specialized base tints with advanced coatings for 6 environment-specific polarized lenses.

Each lens in the series incorporates the following technology specifications to enhance visual acuity for stronger performance:

Precision-tuned Base Tints:

Unlike traditional sunglass lenses, which simply block sunlight, Elite’s specialized tints intercept the bad light that washes out essential details — emphasizing only the colors and contrast ideal to a particular environment.

Elite Polarized Rogue Green lenses

Performance Optical Coatings:

Engineered to alleviate known issues such as fogging and backside glare that occur frequently in certain activities or conditions, these proprietary coatings clear the lens surface of anything that could impede vision and pull focus.

Elite Polarized Steens Silver lenses

HC3® Taper-Corrected Technology:

Each lens is injection molded to correct for prismatic refraction that causes distortion and magnification in the peripherals, ensuring total clarity throughout the full field of view.

Elite Polarized Burnside Black lenses

These new Elite lenses take your vision to places that your naked eye alone cannot achieve. You’'ll see terrain shifts, obstacles, and nuances you’d otherwise miss. And that advantage gives you more control over your environment — improving reactions and overall performance.

To find out more about the research and development of our latest generation of Elite lenses, watch the video below.

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Elite lenses collection

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