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Revant Proving Grounds: Sedona, AZ

By Revant Optics

June 1, 2018

Revant Proving Grounds: Sedona, AZ

By Revant Optics

June 1, 2018

When we were testing Revant Sunglasses, the lab wasn’t the last stop. We wanted to run real-world tests around fit, comfort, clarity, and grip.

We took elite product testers, reviewers, and members of our team to the steep canyons and rocky buttes of Sedona, AZ, to see how our sunglasses held up under pressure. The high temperatures and intense sunlight were an added bonus.

We wanted to see what would actually happen to our sunglasses when we exposed them to conditions that we could not control. Would our MaxGrip temple and nose pad material keep sunglasses on riders’ faces, especially when those faces were drenched in sweat? Did we weight-balance the S2L correctly so it would stay locked in and avoid bouncing when riding on rough terrain? We had a long list of questions we were tracking going into day 1, and we definitely got answers.

Sedona has some of the most well-regarded mountain biking trails in the sport, so it was the perfect place to put the Revant S2L sunglasses to the test. We designed these sunglasses to take on rough environments, wet and dry, and we predicted the massive field of view of the S2L would be vital to navigating difficult terrain and trails.

"These lenses are amazing. On trail they’re super good and bring out all the features."
- Erik, Revant Product Tester

The area has everything from technical slick rock sections to fast rough descents, which was good news, as it gave us the ability to test ourselves and our sunglasses in a variety of different environments. We wanted to make sure the frames were staying on our riders’ faces, especially when they were barreling down a trail at high speed, or taking on a particularly technical section. We took them on several different rides and trails, and the sunglasses performed well.

Day one also offered another incredible opportunity: to bike with pro freeride mountain biker and Revant Ambassador, Carson Storch. While our team has many advanced and intermediate mountain bikers, getting to watch a pro put our sunglasses to the test on these harsh trails gave us valuable insight into the Revant S2L’s performance.

After that, day one was a wrap, and it was time for day two: trail running time.

Our team took our lightweight Revant S1L sunglasses out for a series of trail runs with product testers and reviewers. You might have seen what they had to say afterward, but when we were out in the hot desert, the top priority was keeping sunglasses on faces and enjoying the run in spite of the sun.

Again, the desert responded. Several miles away, roads closed due to poor visibility and extreme wind. It wasn’t quite as bad where the team was, but wind and billowing dust made their best attempts to stage an assault on everyone’s eyes. Revant Sunglasses stayed strong, keeping eyes protected from blinding dust.

"The Flash Bronze lenses were perfect."
- Jackie, Revant Product Tester

A big priority with the Revant S1L was making them light enough without losing any clarity or protection. As you can see from Jeff, our VP of Product and Innovation, everything went well as far as his eyes were concerned.

The ultralight 25 grams of the S1L was designed to work in the hot desert climate, providing clarity and high-definition contrast without unnecessary weight. We also built in an elevated nose bridge to combat fog, which worked incredibly well on several cool morning runs.

"Thanks to these, I could get on a burly section without even thinking about it."
- Roland, Revant Product Tester

Overall, in the harshest conditions, the sunglasses didn't disappoint. The end of the day provided a few final tests—cactus needles piercing our founder Jason’s shoe on a tough bit of terrain as well as someone sitting on their test pair in the car (which didn’t damage them a bit). All-in-all, however, everyone made it home in one piece.

Proving Grounds was an incredible opportunity for us, and we hope to continue to run many field tests like it in the future. The insights we discovered in the cactus-filled canyons of Sedona will inform generations of products to come.

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