Fogged up lenses are a bad look, both inside and out. Whether you are wearing a mask, turning up the heat on your run, or on the job keeping your eyewear clear can be a challenge — But relief is in sight!

Why do glasses fog up in the first place?

Essentially, sharp fluctuations in temperature between your glasses and the environment. When warm air (from your body or outside) hits the cooler lenses, condensation can form. The same thing happens while wearing masks. When the warm water vapor from your breath hits your lenses, it causes them to fog up. 

In addition to being annoying, it can present significant safety concerns. Job sites and healthcare facilities are no stranger to the hassle of dealing with fogged up lenses while dealing with critical tasks. An average of 2,000 people in the US suffer from on-the-job eye injuries requiring medical treatment each day, leading to potentially lifelong consequences for the worker. What can be done?

How can I stop my glasses from fogging up?

In a pinch, there are a number of short term solutions to keep your lenses fog-free. Washing your lenses with soapy water and shaking off the excess moisture (without drying with a cloth) will temporarily keep your lenses clear. A small dot of shaving cream rubbed into both sides of your lenses will also help to some degree. Anti-fog sprays and wipes are also available and these are great when you need solutions ASAP but aren't ideal for persistent issues. 

We’re here to help

Seeking a more sustainable solution, we recently launched our new anti-fog coating for our prescription lenses, preventing both fog and reducing glare. With our recently expanded prescription lens offerings, it’s never been easier to upgrade your favorite frames and say goodbye to that pesky fog. Regardless of whether your vision is clouded from the elements, masks, or your body, this treatment is a must-have. So no more soapy lenses. No more getting steamed up every time you walk inside on a cool day. Level up your prescription with our anti-fog coating or other endless options. Learn more about how it works.