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The eyewear industry is ripe for revolution and we’re leading the charge and bringing the change directly to our customers. Revant Optics is a company founded on the ideals of perpetual innovation and building community alongside capital. As an e-commerce performance replacement lens manufacturer, we’re based in Portland, Oregon and have expanded our better-than-new lens offering by cutting on-demand so we can keep our direct involvement with the product high and quality even higher through continual testing. Another benefit of staying close to home is that we’re able to train and employ an ever-growing team of dedicated individuals all focused on outfitting your eyes with the best available optics.

At Revant, we believe in the power of sharp, clear vision. That’s why we go to great lengths to educate and guide customers, helping them find the perfect solution. We want customers to get out and do what they do — and we refuse to let anything as minor as scratched, beat up eyewear stand in their way.

There is no doubt about it — our customers come first. Right beside them are our non-profit partners. Revant passionately supports Outdoors for All, The Two Feet Project and Warfighter Made. By teaming up with these great organizations we’re working hard to try and leave this world a little better off than how we found it.


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Outdoors for All

The mission of Outdoors for All is to enrich the quality of life for children and adults with disability through outdoor recreation. 100% of this donation will be transfered to the Outdoors for All Foundation.

See more at: https://outdoorsforall.org