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What We're Made Of

You get out what you put in, so we go all in. Starting with a foundation of non-negotiable traits — protection, performance, and reliability, we build our lenses to exceed expectations. And then we keep going, integrating features designed to improve the way you see the world. Quality from the inside out. That’s what we’re made of.

Above All Else – Protection

Above All Else – Protection

UV exposure can cause everything from minor discomfort to full-blown permanent damage. All of our lenses provide protection against these harmful UV rays.

Zero Glare & Bold, Crisp Views

Light can wreak havoc on your vision. Blinding you with intense glare or muting colors and blurring details with haze. Our polarized lenses cut through the visual noise.

Snapping your view into fine-tuned focus, they kick up contrast for razor-sharp definition. Colors will pop and your eyes will instantly relax.

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The Freedom to Choose

Don’t let stock factory options dictate your decisions. With our selection of over 30 tints and colors, you can choose a look that’s true to you. Made with proprietary blends of pigments and dyes, Revant lenses go beyond mere appearance — enhancing your vision and providing optimal comfort for every light level. From clear to dark shades to lenses that change with the light, get the view that’s best for you.

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Layers of Resistance

Our performance coatings prolong the life of your lenses and enhance visibility. Every Revant lens comes standard with an Anti-Scratch hard coating for added durability. Select Elite lenses take it a step further with additional coatings designed to deny nearly anything that can cloud your vision.

Anti-Scratch Hardcoat

Provides more durability for fewer scratches, deters dirt buildup, and prevents smears for an easy clean.

Repel Water

Water and sweat beads up and rolls off for clear sight lines.

Repel Saltwater

Sheds water and resists corrosive sea environments, preserving the vibrant color of your lenses.


Eliminates annoyings reflections and glare that bounce off the back of your lenses and into your eyes.


Limits condensation from building up and clouding your lenses.

Never Settle for Good Enough

Discover lenses built to surpass your expectations


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