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Want to know what people are saying about Revant?

With over 500 five-star reviews on Facebook, a 99% satisfaction rate on Amazon, and 9,300+ #RevantOptics shots on Instagram, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out a few of our reviews from Revant customers.

“Very high quality and durable lenses. I use mine daily for biking, running and driving requiring me to clean them often. I would recommend these to anyone looking to replace or upgrade the original lenses.”

Steve Z (Waukee, IA)

“Revant Lenses has blown me away with personalized customer service. They got back to me multiple times in less than 24 hrs when I realized I bought the wrong style lenses, and arranged for everything to be exchanged in a smooth, expedited fashion. I will not look for lenses anywhere else from now on.”

- Meredyth N (Tallahassee, FL)

“Great lenses at a great price. I'd say they are better than the original lenses and they were less than half the price!”

Eric B (Willow Street, PA)

“Just finished my first round of golf with my new Elite Polarized Oxbow Amber lenses in my Oakley Frogskins. Love the crystal-clear detail and great contrast these provide. Also found them helpful in reading greens.

I bought these lenses to switch-out specifically for golf but I also really like them for everyday wear. They're staying in my frames!”

- Mike M (Westland, MI)

“Great communications. Went above and beyond. Gained a customer for life.”

Scotty S (Sapulpa, OK)

“Thanks Revant for bringing my Gascans back to life! My wife bought these for me to celebrate getting out of the Marine Corps, and through several moves the original lenses got pretty banged up. Threw in some Bronze Brown lenses and they're like new again!”

- Sidney M (Lawrenceburg, KY)

“I love Revant lenses. Sorry Oakley, but Revant lenses will be refilling the Oakley frames I have! As a Trooper, these lenses reduce the glare on the road and make it easier and safer to do my job.”

Michael B (Glastonbury, CT)

“27 1/2 Texas Gulf Coast Redfish, rocking my Emerald Green Polarized Oakley Straight Jackets. Love the lenses. Made a day on the water pretty easy on the eyes.”

- Chad C (Cedar Creek, TX)

“I can't say enough good things about them. The best customer service I've ever experienced with an online company. Thank you so much for what you've done for me.”

Richard J (Henderson, NV)

“Thanks Revant for the lenses. The HC3 Fire lenses are excellent. Thank you Tyler and Kaitlyn for helping me out. Your customer service was stellar.”

- Anthony C (Scottsdale, AZ)

“I would just like to commend Revant Optics for their outstanding customer service and their commitment to making sure issues are resolved.”

Wilson A (Alexandria, VA)

“Twice I messed up my order and twice they helped straighten out my situation in purely professional style.

On top of that I can say that their lenses are a step above the best. I can say, without question, I will be buying more from Revant Optics. And, if I do end up with new glasses, I will spend the extra money and just put Revant lenses in them from the start.”

John M (Antelope, CA)

“I have to thank you guys for making an awesome product. I stepped into my garage to grab something and put my glasses on top of my head. A piece of steel slid and hit me in the head. The glasses took the brunt of it saving my scalp from a nice cut. Even when they're not covering your eyes they're still great lenses.”

- Sam G (Colorado Springs ,CO)

“Thanks Revant Optics for the Elite series HC3 Fire red lens replacements, they arrived two days earlier than scheduled. Great customer service. And priced great. If anyone needs replacement lenses and parts for most name brand lenses this is where you should go.”



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