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Warfighter Made

A Revant Optics Partnership

More than “Thank You for Your Service”

Because words are not enough, Revant Optics is putting our “thank you” into action by partnering with Warfighter Made. Through unconventional therapy such as wrenching on cars or racing through the desert, Warfighter provides community and support to empower mentally and physically injured US servicemen and women.


Watch the video to learn about MISSION: ONE for 22.

Who Is Warfighter Made?

Transitioning from the military to civilian life is hard. This is especially true for those returning home with wounds — both visible and invisible. Their community and its shared purpose are simply gone. Combine that with trauma and a lack of support and the blow hits even harder. 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

Warfighter Made gives back that sense of purpose and camaraderie to their fellow veterans. And they do it with oil, gears, and wrenches. Based out of a garage in Temecula, CA, the non-profit organization invites ill and injured former combat soldiers to come work on cars — adapting and customizing vehicles for wounded servicemen and women.

After the work wraps, there’s the other side of being a gearhead. The driving.

Racing Light Strike Vehicles down the peninsula in the Mexican 1000. Whipping through the red sand of Moab, Utah in ATVs. It’s all part of Warfighter’s mission to empower veterans — reminding them it’s about what they have left, not what they left behind.

The Partnership

We appreciate that we live in a global community, but our heart will always belong first with the United States. It is our home. The least we can do, as Americans, is thank the men and women who have and are currently serving it. But we wanted to do more than that.

By partnering with Warfighter Made, Revant has the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much to us. We’re starting by financially backing the restoration of a Light Strike Vehicle for veterans to drive in the Mexican 1000 and sending our Revant Raptor as a support vehicle for the race. We’re only planning to pick up momentum from there.

We’re committed to telling Warfighter’s stories, raising awareness about their cause, and helping their mission thrive. And we’d love it if you joined us.

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Who is Warfighter Made

Learn more about the veterans at the Warfighter Made garage.

No Man Left Behind

Warfighter Made takes on the Mexican 1000 and proves that warriors never quit.

Rebuilding Flyer 22

From the boneyard to the startline, see the rebuild of the vintage Light Strike Vehicle, Flyer 22.

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