Can You Put Custom Lenses In Any Frame?

Can You Put Custom Lenses In Any Frame?

Some glasses are too cool to retire, even when the lenses are long past their prime. Revant can now give a second life to (almost) any pair of sunglass frames with custom replacement lenses. From full-framed models like the Oakley Holbrook, half-frames like the Ray-Ban Clubmaster, high wrap sport models, wire frames and more, chances are we’ve got you covered. Just ship us any complete pair and we’ll take it from there. The process is super simple; the hardest part is picking out a color. 

So what’s the caveat? There are a few less common frame types we currently don’t support. 

Large Single Shield Lenses

Revant carries an extensive selection of shield lenses for popular frames like the Oakley Sutro and Smith Wildcat. Unfortunately those outside of our selection require individual materials for each model, so for the time being, you’re out of luck. 

Rimless/Drill Mount Frames

A rimless frame, also called a “drill mount”, is mounted directly into the lenses. Our machinery doesn’t support this frame type due to the extra machining and hardware needed to precisely cut and fit lenses into them.

Antique/Fragile Frames

We would absolutely love to breathe new life into your thrift store find of super cool, retro heirlooms. Unfortunately, as frames age, they begin to break down and lose their structural integrity. And while extremely uncommon, accidents do happen and Revant makes every effort to replace any damaged frames at no cost. For this reason, and again for the time being, we cannot work with your truly one of a kind frames. 

Whenever you're ready to give those old frames of yours a victory lap with Revant, our optical team is standing by – The process is simple. 

How it Works:

  • Use our prepaid label or box to send us your frames.
  • Your lenses are crafted and installed by our team of optical experts and back at your door in 1-2 weeks after we receive them.

That’s it! And all at a fraction of the price of buying a new pair of sunglasses – It really is a no-brainer! Start your order today.

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