Seeing a Problem Clearly

Every idea starts with a problem: most traditional eyewear brands don’t offer replacement lenses because they rely on customers to buy new frames. This leads to a lot of unnecessary waste, with an estimated 11,000 frames thrown out every day due to damaged lenses or an expired prescription. Revant creates lenses that are both premium and affordable, sold directly to customers.

By offering customers the option to easily replace their lenses as opposed to discard their frames, we offer the most sustainable optical product for our customers and the planet.

It All Started With a Bang

When CEO Jason Bolt crashed his mountain bike in 2010, he came out unscathed, but his sunglass lenses weren’t as lucky. With his lenses covered in scratches, he went out looking for replacements, but ran into an obstacle—replacements didn’t exist for his frames.
Seeing a clear opportunity, Jason started Revant Optics in beautiful Oregon, creating a direct-to-consumer company rooted in creating high-quality products, providing amazing customer service, all while taking care of the beautiful blue marble we live on.

“I started Revant because I saw an opportunity to extend the life of eyewear by creating premium, affordable lenses that are better for people and the planet.”

– Jason Bolt, Founder & CEO

Quality Obsessed

Look, we’ll level with you. We’ve spent waaaay too much time testing our lenses, refining, and testing again. All those late nights were worth it though, as we can confidently say we offer the best quality replacement lenses for a price that won’t break the bank.

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The Revant Guarantee

From selection to installation, we’ll be here every step of the way. Got a question about something specific? Maybe you’re wondering what lens color is best for your favorite activity? We got you. And all our products are backed by our 60-day risk-free trial, and 1-year manufacturer guarantee.

Mindful Manufacturing

All of our lenses are 100% recyclable and designed to create a minimal amount of waste. We recycle any excess plastic, which is re-made into consumer goods like phone cases, toys, playground equipment, and tennis balls.

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Our Team

At Revant, we don’t believe perfection is possible, but we are always in pursuit. We know there will be wins and losses. We celebrate the wins, learn from our failures, and apply that knowledge to bring you the best eyewear products available.

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Selected by The Oregonian as one of the top workplaces in Oregon and SW Washington, we’re excited to see each other every day.