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  • Perfect Fit Guaranteed

  • 1-Year Warranty

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All VonZipper Lens Shapes

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Can't Find Your Frame?

Get Custom Lenses

Got a rare pair no one makes anymore? No problem. We’ll cut you new replacement lenses that meet or exceed the quality of your originals.

Get Custom Lenses
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Proven Quality

We’re obsessed with quality. Seriously, we might have a problem. We spent the last decade testing materials, coatings, and manufacturing methods to bring you the best replacement lenses in the game.

See for Yourself
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Performance for every activity

A full spectrum of colors, polarization, and coating options for whatever you’re into.

Over 15 Colors Available
  • midnight sun color swatch
  • fire red color swatch
  • flare gold color swatch
  • emerald green color swatch
  • ice blue color swatch
  • plasma purple color swatch
  • black-chrome color swatch
  • stealth black color swatch
  • dark brown color swatch
  • gray green color swatch
  • + more
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Installs with a Click

It’s easy to install your new lenses. Just pop in the new set and get on with your day. We'll provide all the instructions and tools you need.

See How It’s Done

Ok, your Vonzipper sunglasses have scratched lenses. Now what? Option A: Buy a whole new pair for hundreds of dollars. Option B: Get a new set of Vonzipper replacement lenses from Revant for a fraction of the cost. They’re the same quality as your original lenses and will repair your Vonzipper sunglasses to like new.

Installation is so Easy

Installed in seconds, the process is easy and requires no special tools or skills. Revant’s Elite Polarized Lenses cut 99% of reflected glare, with enhanced contrast and color, presenting the world like you’ve never seen before.

Precision Design and Resilience

Every VonZipper sunglass replacement lens meets impact resistance standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z80.3.

Earthwise and Moneywise

Revant lenses aren’t only a high quality and cost-effective way to keep your favorite frames like new, they also keep mountains of plastic out of landfills by avoiding unnecessary waste by purchasing a new pair. When you buy a VonZipper sunglass lenses by Revant, you're backed by our industry-leading warranty and guarantee.

Satisfaction is Easily Guaranteed

Put our products to the test by bringing them on your most demanding adventures and if you're not completely satisfied, send them back within 60 days for a full refund.

Custom Made Just For You

After your order is submitted, 2 business days (or less) is all it takes for your lenses to be cut by our master technicians then sent your way. After an easy installation, you’ll immediately see the difference.