Smith Sunglasses

Find the perfect pair of Smith Sunglasses. We offer Men's & Women's Smith Sunglasses that provide unparalleled comfort and clarity for all of your outdoor pursuits.

Men’s Smith Sunglasses

Smith sunglasses are the ultimate choice for those seeking high-performance eyewear with a touch of style. Known for their expertise in creating high-quality eyewear for over 50 years, Smith Optics offers a wide range of styles for various activities, from hiking and skiing to water sports and daily wear. What sets Smith apart from other brands is their commitment to innovation, using the latest technology to enhance their products' performance and durability. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or just looking for stylish shades for everyday wear, Smith Optics sunglasses are a reliable choice for anyone seeking to elevate their eyewear game.

Find the perfect pair of sunglasses that can keep up with your active lifestyle with Revant’s selection of Smith frames.

Benefits of Smith Sunglasses

Smith sunglasses offer a range of benefits to those who wear them, including superior UV protection from harmful sun rays. Many Smith sunglasses also feature polarized lenses, which help reduce glare and improve visibility in bright conditions. In addition to their functional benefits, Smith Optics sunglasses are also known for their durability, thanks to their high-quality materials and construction. Not to mention, they're available in a wide variety of frame shapes and colors, ensuring that you can find a pair that fits your personal style and activity needs.

How to Choose the Best Smith Frames

When choosing a frame, it's important to consider your personal style, as well as the activities you plan to use them for. If you're a cyclist or runner, consider frames with a secure fit and grip on the nose and ears to prevent slipping. If you're using them for water activities, consider frames with hydrophilic nose pads or temple tips that become more grippy when wet. You'll also want to consider your face shape and size. Smith offers a variety of frame shapes and sizes to fit different face shapes and sizes. Lastly, consider the lens technology and color that will best suit your needs. For example, Smith's ChromaPop color enhancement technology enhances color and contrast, while their polarized lenses reduce glare. With a variety of styles and features to choose from, Smith sunglasses offer something for everyone, no matter your needs or preferences.

Customize Your Smith Sunglasses with Additional Lenses

Want to upgrade your frames? Revant offers interchangeable sunglass lenses for almost any pair of frames. From polarized to non-polarized options, you can customize your lenses to best fit your environment. You can also easily switch out your lenses for different colors. From blue lenses to brown lenses, the possibilities are endless. Check out our selection of sunglass lens colors to customize your frames today.