Costa vs. Oakley Sunglasses: Which Is Best for You?

Costa vs. Oakley Sunglasses: Which Is Best for You?

Costa and Oakley are household names in the sunglasses industry. Have you ever been curious about the differences between them or wondered which one is best suited for your lifestyle, goals, and wishlist? We’ve got you covered. Below we’ll provide ample insight into their respective styles, frames, lenses, distinct features, and price so you have a side-by-side comparison and can then decide for yourself which is best. 

Costa vs Oakley: Style

Aside from overall functionality, style is an important consideration when choosing sunglasses that are right for you. Costa sunglasses are manufactured for both men and women. They’re incredibly popular among those who are frequently on the water, regularly go fishing, or participate in aquatic and outdoor recreation. Costa’s signature “wraparound” frame design helps filter the harsh light that reflects off the bright surface of both shallow and deep water. 

The frame comes around the side of the eyes and provides extra protection in the peripheral field of vision. They also offer an everyday-use look as well. Between each of these styles, Costa’s aesthetic is often characterized as classical, and each of their models has a reputation for durability and visual performance. 

Oakley also offers many unique styles, all of which have been created with sports performance in mind. More specifically, they’re well-suited for situations when there is a glare, such as during snowboarding, boating, or cycling, and offer optimal protection with wraparound frames, similar to Costa. They also offer everyday glasses with a less sporty build. 

When it comes to UV rays, both Costa and Oakley glasses offer 100% UV protection. According to the American National Standards Institute, Oakley has a rating of ANSI Z87.1, while Costa is rated at ANSI Z80.3 and Z87.1. These ratings indicate that both Costa and Oakley have high levels of UV protection for your eyes, so you can feel confident in each brand for that purpose. 

Costa vs Oakley: Frames

Costa sunglasses are made from a variety of materials including nylon, acetate, metal, a combination of the three, rimless, and hypoallergenic. They have also incorporated vents on the side of their frames to provide additional airflow, and their hybrid model of titanium and nylon makes their frames durable but light. 

Oakley is known for incredibly durable and lightweight frames. Their branded “O-Matter” nylon material is a great alternative to standard acetate and is well-suited for very hot or cold temperatures, meaning they won’t crack. However, it’s worth noting that Oakley frames have a tendency to get visibly scratched because of their material. 

Costa vs Oakley: Lenses

Both Oakley and Costa possess high quality technologies unique to their brand. Costa is known for their 580 Color-Enhancing Lens Technology, which is a feature in every pair of sunglasses they make. Now on the market for over two decades, this technology is a popular choice amongst fishermen and anyone who spends ample time outside. If you're interested in polarized lenses, this technology has fantastic polarizing efficiency at 99.9%. This technology also simultaneously blocks out HEV blue light and harsh yellow light and sharpening blues, reds, and greens. 

In their own words, Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology is “designed to enhance color and contrast so you can see more detail”. Their emphasis on color means lenses are tuned to a more vivid, vibrant world. Contrast is defined as increasing depth perception and highlighting features in the surrounding environment. Lastly, Oakley seeks to enhance details in surrounding environments and expose what may not be seen with the naked eye. Together, these three features form the entirety of Prizm Lens Technology, which has become a fan favorite. Oakley is also known for their HDO (High Definition Optics) Technology, whose primary focus is performance and safety. This is done in an Oakley lens by filtering light to improve the accuracy of vision without great distortion. 

Revant offers premium quality replacement lenses for both Oakley and Costa’s most popular frames (like our Costa Del Mar Lenses), making it easier than ever to upgrade your pair should that be something you’re seeking.

Costa vs Oakley: Price

Both Costa and Oakley sunglasses come at a premium because you’re paying for lasting quality, durability, and other distinguishing and unique qualities. That said, pricing varies for each, and it’s possible to find mid-range affordability or spend a bit more, both of which would be wise investments. Brand new, a pair of Oakley and Costas with polarized lenses would cost anywhere from $200 to $300. However, certain technologies will typically cost more. For example, you can expect to spend anywhere from $225-$250 for Costa’s 580 Color-Enhancing Lens Technology. 

Costa vs Oakley: Use Cases

Oakley and Costa sunglasses certainly have some overlap as far as ideal use goes. First, consider the activity you would be using the sunglasses for: boating, gaming, hiking, etc. Then, examine what you need it for: reducing eye strain, a solid build for rugged terrain, or extreme weather conditions in the sun and shade. Lastly, you can select your preferred style, frame, lens type, and lens color. Each pair of sunglasses can also be extensively customized should you decide that’s the best route for you. 

Which Brand is Right For You?

As far as Costa vs Oakley sunglasses, both brands are recognized globally for their innovative range of styles, top-notch engineering, and unparalleled lens technology. From Costa Brine to Oakley Feedback, they are built to last for several years after purchase, even after frequent use in extreme conditions. 

Whether you're fishing in deep water or hiking in the mountains, it suffices to say Oakley and Costa sunglasses hold their value. Be sure to take into account the specific characteristics you’re seeking and decide for yourself which brand will be best for you. 

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