In a world of mass production, mass marketing, and mass media, it’s easy for things to start looking a little, well, the same.

If you’d like to break out of that bubble of sameness and add a little flair to your Oakleys, here are some tips on how you can achieve a new look for your sunglasses.

1. Swap Out Your Lenses

Swapping Revant Elite Lenses in and out of Sunglass Frame

No one ever said you had to stick with the color your sunglasses originally came in. Most frames have lenses that can easily be taken out and reinstalled. Dramatic pops of reflective color always make for a bold statement.

Cruise on over to our Lens Installation page to see how easy it is to get a new look.

2. Change Out Your Ear Sleeves

Example of changing out ear sleeves/rubber kits on Oakley Half Jacket sunglasses

If your frame has rubber components — ear sleeves, temple sleeves, or nose bombs, you can probably trade those out as well. Changing up the color with fresh new rubber kits can have that old frame looking new and completely different with minimal effort.

And as an added bonus, they won’t be sticky like your old, well-used ear sleeves.

3. Install New Icons

Installing new Oakley icons on Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses

On many Oakleys, the elliptical or square “O” can be popped out and replaced with a new color. Some models, such as the Batwolf and Dispatch II, were specifically designed for interchangeable icons. On other models, such as the Flak Jacket, the icons weren’t technically intended to be swapped out.

However, if it’s not molded or welded to the frame, then you can (in theory) trade out the icons. These can either be found on Oakley’s site or on other marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. As the "O" is trademarked by Oakley, any icons you find should be manufactured solely by Oakley.

4. Paint the Frame

This method may not be for everyone. But if you’ve got the right supplies and a decent amount of self-confidence, this may not be terribly hard to pull off. Just be aware, this method may not last long without proper prep and a hard coat to seal off the paint. If you’re up for the task, here’s a tutorial that could help you on your way.

5. Hire a Professional

Customized Oakley Sunglasses Painted by Dr. Chop - Quarter Turn Profile

Customized Oakley Sunglasses Painted by Dr. Chop - Front Profile

Customized Oakley Sunglasses Painted by Dr. Chop - Side Profile

If you want a one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses you won’t find anywhere else, check out Dr. Chop. With hundreds of custom jobs under his belt and well-known among Oakley fanatics, his work is well-worth a look.