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We'll Cut Lenses & Install Them In Your Sunglasses

Couldn’t find your sunglasses on our list of ready-made lenses? We can cut a custom pair of lenses just for you.

Our LockFit™ technology, combined with the precision of lens technicians, guarantees a perfect fit in your frames. Making your sunglasses as good as new — maybe even better.

How to Get Your Custom Lenses

1. Select Your Lenses

Classic black, bold color, polarized, mirrored, or clear. Choose the lens that’s best for you.

2. Send Your Frames

We’ll send you a secure, prepaid box. Pop in your frames and send it to our lens lab.

3. Delivered to Your Door

We’ll cut and install your lenses and ship your refreshed sunglasses back to you. The whole process takes 3-4 weeks.

Get Custom Lenses

Or shop our selection of ready-made lenses.

Cut and Installed in the USA

See How it Works

Save Your Sunglasses
(And a Whole Lot of $$$)

Save Your Sunglasses
(And a Whole Lot of $$$)

Do you really want to spend $100+ on yet another pair of sunglasses because of a scratch?

Simply swap the lenses. Keep using your sunglasses. And start dreaming of all the stuff you can do with the dollars you’ll be saving.

Quality You Can Trust

Made at our lab in the US using LockFit™ technology, we guarantee a 100% fit. Not only do we trace your frame’s measurements for a perfect match, we test for precise optical alignment — because you deserve the sharpest view possible.

Precisely Measured

Cut for Exact Match

Tested for Clarity

Get Custom Lenses

Or shop our selection of ready-made lenses.


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