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Employee Profile: Thomas Hamilton

By Kirsti Smouse

November 16, 2015

Employee Profile: Thomas Hamilton

By Kirsti Smouse

November 16, 2015

Systems Administrator

There aren’t many who can call themselves a jack-of-all-trades and a master of even more, but Thomas Hamilton certainly could. Not that he ever would.

A classically-trained musician who grew up in the foothills of Mount Hood in Sandy, Oregon, Thomas is the Renaissance man of the office. His hobbies includes music, dance, archery, unicycling, hunting, fishing, song writing, and computer programming — to name just a few.

He might be intimidating if he wasn’t so downright approachable.

After graduating with a master’s in music performance from Oklahoma City University, Thomas returned to Oregon with plans to further his education and pursue work as a musician. But then he found Revant. What started out as a summer job turned into 4 years, 4 departments, a relocation to a new city, numerous job titles, and finally, his current position as the Systems Administrator.

That unexpected turn of events proved to be a boon for the company and Thomas alike. He landed a career with a music degree, and Revant landed a top-notch problem-solver. Rather than being bound by system limitations, Thomas finds ways to design and implement creative solutions that better serve the Revant community. Always one to take things as they come, Thomas doesn’t see impossibilities — just opportunities for improvement. And busy work is the bane of his existence, so if he can automate it, he will.

Fortunately, his current role in the IT world hasn’t supplanted his childhood dream of a life of music. As a member of a John Denver tribute group called the Aspen Meadow Band, Thomas still has the opportunity to chase the thrill of the standing ovation. That feeling of seeing a crowd instantaneously rise to its feet with resounding applause at the close of a performance is hard to touch. But in counting highlights of his life, dancing with his wife on their wedding day surpasses them all. Serving pancakes as the main course was just the cherry on top of an already perfect day.

Given his choice of wedding fare, it should come as no surprise that Thomas is an easy-going individual. His favorite vacation consists of doing whatever he wants, when he wants. He also takes off every fall for his annual hunting trip where he enjoys the opportunity to unplug, physically challenge himself, or just sit under a tree and soak in the scenery.

For all his varied interests and creative genius, there is one area of life that still alludes Thomas — March Madness. Just a tip: never make your picks based on where each university marching band ranks. It probably won’t turn out well for you.

Stephanie and Thomas fly fishing on the Metolius river
Stephanie and Thomas fly fishing on the Metolius river
Thomas in Hells canyon lookout
During the annual hunting trip 2 years ago, my dad and I drove up to the Hells Canyon lookout during the day (you can see I am even wearing my armguard and release just in case we see something
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