The Best Lenses for Fishing

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses with Emerald Green lenses and fishing gear

You wouldn't use a 3-weight fly rig to cast into a headwind — how you equip your eyes is just as essential. The right lens for the light level can sharpen your focus, enhancing the details you need to put your line right where the fish are. Whether your go-to sunglasses are Costa Brine or Jupiter Squared Oakleys, keep reading to learn more about the best sunglass lenses for fishing.

Polarized Emerald Green Replacement Lenses

Polarized Emerald Green

Bright Light Lens

For the anglers and fly fishermen who want an enhanced view of what's happening below the waterline, Emerald Green MirrorShield® slices through glare, making it easier to spot fish, navigate rapids, or wade rocky stream beds. With 89% of visible light blocked, your eyes will stay relaxed in brilliant light, while the heightened contrast ensures no detail will be lost in shadowy stretches.

Hydrophobic and backside Anti-Reflection performance coatings shed water and sweat and keep glare from bouncing back into your eyes so nothing can come between you and your next catch.

View of the water seen with and without the Emerald Green lens


Polarized Ice Blue Replacement Lenses

Polarized Ice Blue

Bright Light Lens

Optimized for deep sea fishing in brilliant light, Ice Blue MirrorShield® filters out the blue light that dominates ocean environments, intensifying color contrast and sharpening details so nothing is lost to the sea. With its precision polarization that blocks 99% of glare, you'll see past the surface of the water and keep your eyes fresh for a full day of tight lines and bent rods.

A hydrophobic coating sheds water and resists salt corrosion while backside Anti-Reflection keeps glare from bouncing back into your eyes so nothing can come between you and your next catch.

View of the water seen with and without the Ice Blue lens


Polarized Flash Bronze Replacement Lenses

Polarized Flash Bronze

Medium Light Lens

Ideal for medium and changing light conditions when the clouds are moving fast, Flash Bronze delivers sharp clarity. A flash of MirrorShield® knocks back any bursts of sunlight, providing essential comfort for a full day of fishing. Blocking blue light, the amber tint dials up contrast levels while polarization slices through glare, giving you a vivid snapshot of the fish on the other end of your line.

Hydrophobic and backside Anti-Reflection performance coatings cause water to bead up and roll off and keep distracting glare from bouncing back into your eyes so you can put all your attention on what you came to do — fish.

View of the water seen with and without the Flash Bronze lens

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