Your go-to Oakley favorites have been good to you but you’ve definitely put some miles on them. Fixing scratched lenses can be a frustrating experience but the good news is that replacing Oakley lenses is easier than you think. From hard-to-find classics to brand new models, Revant Optics has an extensive selection of high quality lenses to renew your trusted Oakley sunglasses to good as new. 

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Replacing Oakley Lenses is Easy

New Oakley lenses are a breeze to install and require no insider knowledge and all the tools you need are provided. Revant’s detailed tutorials cover the process step-by-step, renewing your favorite shades in just a few minutes. 


Customize Your Oakley Sunglasses

In addition to providing easy options for replacing your dinged up lenses, Revant’s wide spectrum of tints enable you to give your Oakleys a tailored look, making them limited edition one of one. Make your Gascans uniquely you with your favorite colors. Customize your Holbrooks with a tint that elevates your golf game.

Swapping your lenses in and out is so easy, you can switch out tints to suit your style. Not only do they look cool, but Revant’s high quality lenses have many treatments to choose from that reduce glare and improve clarity.

a video of all of the different lens colors that you can install in Oakley sunglasses

Why Revant?

Revant creates lenses that are both premium and affordable, sold directly to customers.

By offering customers the option to easily replace their lenses as opposed to discard their frames, we offer the most sustainable optical product for our customers and the planet.

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