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5 Easy Steps to Refreshing Your Sunglasses

Sunglass lenses before and after, with scratches and without

Here’s a 5-step guide on freshening-up your shades with new lenses.

Sunglasses go through a lot of activity in life and the lenses typically endure many scuffs and scratches along the way. But if you’re thinking of digging deep into your wallet to buy a brand-new pair of sunglasses, you might want to consider replacing the lenses on your favorite frames first.

Giving your sunglasses a refresh not only saves money, but is also surprisingly easy and makes your old sunglasses look good as new. You don’t have to be Macgyver to do it and it doesn’t require any special tools.

Follow these five steps to get those shades rebooted: 

1. Lens. Lens. Pop. Pop.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an eyewear expert to replace the lenses in your glasses. Sure, it may take a little finesse, but they pop right out. Here are some instructions to help you.

2. Remove those Rubber Bits.

All those rubber temple and nose parts? Yeah, take those off, too. Probably a good idea to soak them in some water with a little dish soap, then let them air dry. Revant carries a wide array of replacement rubber parts, too.

3. Squeaky Clean.

Now, time to give those lenses a good clean. Dish soap and water work wonders with lenses, just be sure the soap doesn’t have anything abrasive in it. Use a clean microfiber cloth to apply the soap and water.

4. Puttin’ it on Wax.

If you have some handy, add a touch of wax to a microfiber cloth and give your frames (NOT your lenses) a buff. If you have matte frames, DO NOT use wax, it will make them look cloudy. Let your frames air dry and then put the rubber accessories back in place.

5. Pop in your New Revant Lenses.

Take your shiny-new replacement lenses and put them in your refreshed frames.

Okay, you’re all done. Now you can take those old sunglasses and go from funk to fresh, retro to razz-ma-tazz, vintage to vroom, vroom, baby—you get the idea, all we’re trying to say is refreshing your sunglasses is that easy and feels that great! 

Revant has replacement lenses of all types, so browse replacement lenses now.

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