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The Differences Between Oakley Sliver Lenses

Examples of different Oakley Silver Sunglasses

With the success of pure lifestyle frames such as the Frogskins, Holbrook, and Breadbox, Oakley realized there was a demand for sleek and lightweight frames that were a bit different from their typical sports lineup. Enter the first installment of the Sliver series, the Sliver F – a pure lifestyle frame to its core, made with portability and lightness in mind.

Sliver F

Released in October 2014, The Sliver F (or Sliver Foldable), was Oakley’s first frame that folds half-way down the temples – featuring spring-loaded hinges and dual-folding temples which allow the arms to be turned over flush with the frames orbitals. This made them ideal for compact travel.

This model also came with a custom metal vault case specifically tailored to the shape of the Sliver F. The Sliver F is the only frame compact enough to fit into this specialized case, which is small enough to fit inside of a pocket.

The frames are made with the nylon-based material that Oakley calls NanOmatter, making them 30% lighter than a traditional Oakley frame. This technology is implemented by using higher temperatures and heavier pressure during the injection molding process.

Cutouts on the back of the arms, bridge, and orbitals were made to shave off weight wherever possible – making this one of Oakley’s lighter frame styles weighing in at 24 grams. These cut-outs were carried over to the following models of Sliver, giving the line it's signature skeletal look.

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Oakley Sliver F sunglasses rotating gif

Specs: Lens Width: 57mm | Bridge Width: 17mm | Arm Length: 133mm | Lens Height: 42mm


Fast forward to February 2015. After some demand for a Sliver F frame without the folding arms, which could feel a bit flimsy at times, the Sliver was born.

The Sliver and Sliver F are almost identical, but as you may have guessed — the Slivers do not feature the iconic foldable arms of the Sliver F. They do, however, take the same size lenses which are interchangeable with one another.

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Oakley Sliver sunglasses rotating gif

Specs: Lens Width: 57mm | Bridge Width: 18mm | Arm Length: 140mm | Lens Height: 42mm

Sliver R

In April 2016, two more models of the Sliver were released. The Sliver R (or Sliver Rounded) is the tallest of the Sliver family and offers lenses with a rounded bottom for a smooth and curvy look.

The SKU number on these frames is usually prefaced with an “R”. This is important because most of the iterations of the Sliver frame only say “Sliver” on the inside temple. The only way to denote which frame you own — aside from by its shape — is by the SKU number.

Oakley Sliver R sunglasses rotating gif

Specs: Lens Width: 57mm | Bridge Width: 17mm | Arm Length: 140mm | Lens Height: 46mm

Sliver XL

The other addition to the Sliver line in April 2016 was the Oakley Sliver XL, meaning “extra large.” Surprisingly, these do not have the largest lenses of all the Slivers, as the Sliver Round holds that title. These frames have the same profile as the Sliver – they’re just taller. The greater lens height offers a larger fit and expanded field of view.

If you don’t have a pair of Slivers on hand to directly compare to the Sliver XLs, the only way you can distinguish which version you own is by the SKU. The SKU number on these frames is generally prefaced with an “XL”.

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Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses rotating gif

Specs: Lens Width: 57mm | Bridge Width: 18mm | Arm Length: 140mm | Lens Height: 45mm

Sliver Edge

This distinguished member of the Sliver family is semi-rimless and has a smooth curvature that provides coverage to your periphery. The lateral contour adds to the streamlined styling. This model stands alone with the partial frame body so you'll have no issue identifying its trademark look. 

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Specs: Lens Width: 64mm | Bridge Width: 10mm | Arm Length: 130mm | Lens Height: 43mm

 Sliver Stealth

The Stealth embodies the sleek look of Sliver eyewear with enhanced side-to-side curvature, and a newer fit, making it perfect fit for smaller faces. The primary differentiating factor in the Stealth is the shorter height which can be a preferred look for those wanting a more understated frame in the Sliver family. 

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Specs: Lens Width: 56mm | Bridge Width: 17mm | Arm Length: 131mm | Lens Height: 37mm


With the exception of the Sliver F which is made with NanOmatter, the frames in the Sliver family are constructed with O-Matter. All Sliver frames feature the Three-Point Fit hold which eliminates pressure points and ensures precise optical alignment. If you’re not 100% sure which frame style you have, connect with a Revant team member with a photo of your frames or the SKU number printed on the inside of your frames, and we can help to deduce which frames you own.


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