Are you the proud owner of Oakley Sutro or Sutro S sunglasses? Curious how to interchange lenses on them? Fortunately, we’ve created a brief guide below with an easy to follow step by step process! Now you can feel confident the next time you want to change out the lenses on your Oakley sunglasses

Before getting started, it’s worth noting that the Sutro and Sutro S lenses have the same changeout process for a new Oakley Sutro replacement lens

  1. Start by flipping your Sutro lenses towards you as if you’re putting them on. Push the existing lenses from the back to its outside bottom position. Be sure to have a good grip on the glasses frame while doing this, but don’t push too hard to prevent any unnecessary damage. Even so, the Oakley frames are durable, so this shouldn’t put too much stress on it. 
  2. The next step requires a bit more force. Place two fingers on the front of the frame in the center near the nose bridge, and your thumb on the inner part of the bar. The lenses should be in a downward position. From here, pull up on the frame and stretch it slightly while pushing outward with your thumbs near the front. This should neatly pop the existing lenses out. 
  3. To put the replacement lens back on, start by pressing the lens near the nose bridge. There should be a very clear slot. Confirm that it’s all the way in, press straight down, and walk your fingers around the entirety of the glasses frame to ensure everything is locked in evenly. Again, do not worry about the durability of Oakley frames during the changeout process; it’s designed for such. 
  4. Should you feel it’s necessary, you can now wipe off the smudges you made from your fingerprints. Microfiber cloths are a great option, but be sure to keep them very clean, as they have a tendency to attract dirt and dust, which isn’t something you want on your lenses.
  5. That’s it! We hope this makes it easy for you to change out and enjoy your beautiful Sutro and Sutro S lenses. 


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