Maddie Brenneman's Must Have Gear for Fishing

Maddie walking through on her way to fish, with rod and other gear.

Maddie Brenneman guides fly fishing in Colorado and spends her off-season traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the world in search of exotic species of fish. We asked her what kinds of gear she takes with her – these are some of Maddie’s must-haves for a day on the water.

First, quality sunglass lenses are mandatory. Much of the fishing Maddie does is sight fishing and If you can’t see the fish below the water, it’s that much harder to catch one. Maddie’s favorites are Revant Elite Polarized Emerald Green MirrorShield when fishing saltwater flats and Revant Elite Polarized Dark Brown when fishing for trout or other species in freshwater.

Two images of Maddie Brenneman looking at hooks, and heading out to fish.

Next, let’s talk headwear. While you can usually find Maddie in an old foam trucker hat, she also loves the functionality of her buff. It can be fashioned in tons of ways to protect her head and neck from the glaring sun, bugs and hooks. Pro tip: get it wet and it also keeps you nice and cool.

Maddie holding up tropical fish and smiling

While we’re on the subject of the sun, don’t forget the SPF lip balm. Sun or wind burnt lips are no fun, especially when you forget and go a little too heavy on the hot sauce. Youch.

Maddie holding large fish in water

And finally Maddie's favorite go-to fly rod is hands down the Sage Igniter!

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