Behind the Scenes

The Making of Revant Elite Lenses

Revant Elite etched lenses

It’s one thing to design a lens that will fit into a frame. It’s a whole other ballgame to design and create a lens that can keep up with the human eye.

With over 2 million moving parts, the ability to distinguish 500 shades of grey, and recognize more than 2.7 million colors, the eye is one of the most complex organs in the human body.

Because we are modern-day adventurers as well as innovation seekers, we wanted a lens that respected that complexity and complemented the highly-advanced engineering of our eyes, but was still tough enough to handle the rough and tumble that comes with exploring life outdoors.

So, we spent months researching the best manufacturers in the world, invested in premium raw materials, utilized state-of-the-art technological advances, and tested them against the highest standards in the industry. The result is lenses that are among the best in the world — Revant Elite.

revant elite lenses getting cut by machine

Injection-molded polycarbonate, fusion melded high-grade polarized filter, corrected to eliminate any peripheral distortion, designed for high mass and high velocity impact resistance, and a protective coating that promises to keep the MirrorShield® color vibrant. All that packed into our clearest, sharpest lens ever.

lens scratch testing using machine

Additional scratch testing done on Revant lenses

They’re our most advanced lenses yet.

Revant lens blanks arranged in circle

See the process that goes into creating our Elite lenses and discover the difference they'll make in your adventures here.

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