Oakley Minute 1.0 vs Twenty XX

Oakley Minute 1.0 and Oakley Twenty XX sunglasses

Which frames do I have?

If you walked past a pair of Oakley Minute 1.0 sunglasses next to a pair of Twenty XX, you’d probably assume they were the same frame style. That’s a fair assessment — at a passing glance, they look identical.

They share a similar size, profile, and features.

But they are different, and this is important when it comes to lens replacement.

Here’s a guide to help you determine which frame you own so that you can find the correct lenses for your Minute 1.0 or Twenty XX.

First off, though, we need to clarify which sunglasses we’re comparing.

The Minute family has 3 styles — Minute (1st Generation), Minute (2nd Generation), and Minute 2.0.

The sunglasses featured in this post are the 2nd Generation Minute, often referred to simply as the Minute 1.0. These were introduced in 1999.

The Twenty family has 2 styles — both are technically named “Twenty.”

However, the first generation has “XX” (the roman numeral for twenty) stamped on the frame. The second generation (introduced in 2012) has “XX” with “Twenty” through the middle of it stamped on the frame. This difference has led people to refer to these frames as the “XX” and the “Twenty XX”.

Since there isn’t one official way to refer to these frames, we cover all our bases by using “Twenty XX” for both generations followed by the year they were first produced.

The sunglasses being compared here are the first generation, Twenty XX (2000).

Front Face-Off

The Twenty XX (2000) has a concave curve from the orbitals towards the nose bridge and the temples. The Minute 1.0 has a convex curve outward from the orbitals.

Oakley Twenty XX (2000) sunglasses
Oakley Twenty XX (2000)
Oakley Minute 1.0 sunglasses
Oakley Minute 1.0


The Twenty XX has solid rubber socks whereas the Minute 1.0 has oval cut-outs in the rubber socks.

Side View of Oakley Twenty XX (2000) sunglasses

Side view of Oakley Twenty XX (2000)

Side View of Oakley Minute 1.0 sunglasses

Side view of Oakley Minute 1.0


Both the Twenty XX and the Minute 1.0 feature their respective names stamped inside the frame at the nose bridge.

Oakley Twenty XX Stamp (2000) on inside of Sunglasses

Oakley Twenty XX Stamp (2000) 

Oakley Minute 1.0 Stamp on Inside of Frames

Oakley Minute 1.0 Stamp

Once you see the side-by-side comparison, it's easy to tell the Minute 1.0 and Twenty XX apart. Now that you know which frames you have, you can find replacement lenses for them.

Shop replacement lenses for Oakley Minute 1.0.

Shop replacement lenses for Oakley Twenty XX (2000).

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