Frame Identification

Oakley Radar: A Comparison of Generations

Oakley Radar Sunglass Frame and Lenses

Will These Lenses Fit My Frames?

The Oakley Radar has a lot of things going for it. Lightweight, good fit, full coverage.

But its versatility has got to top the list.

  • If you scratch your lens.
  • If you want a new color.
  • If you want a new shape.

You can simply swap in a new lens.

Because those Radars that you picked up, that’s just the name of the frame.

This is an Oakley Radar frame:

Multiple descriptive photos of Oakley Radar Frame

And these are Oakley Radar lenses:

Oakley Radar Lens Height comparison

It’s one frame with many lenses.

So, if you purchased an Oakley Radar Path, that means you have:

Radar sunglasses frame + Radar Path lens = Radar Path

Radar frame + Path lens = Radar Path

And since the frame is exactly the same, you can switch and swap out any of those lenses in your one frame.

If you're interested in replacement lenses for your Oakley Radar, check out our selection here.

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