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A Guide to Understanding the Parts of Sunglasses

A Guide to Understanding the Parts of Sunglasses

Have you ever wondered about the different parts of sunglasses? For the most part, every pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses has a fairly universal makeup, with a few differences here and there depending on which material it’s made from and its overall shape. If you’ve ever been motivated to repair any of your sunglasses, or if you simply want to care for your existing pair well, it is crucial to know various sunglasses parts names. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Below we’ll provide an outline of the various sunglass parts and their names. 


When thinking about the various parts of sunglasses, lenses may be one of the first things to come to mind, as they are front and center. Typically, lenses are made of clear glass, plastic, or polycarbonate materials so the wearer can see through them. Additionally, they provide a protective barrier from outside particles or objects for the eye itself. At Revant, we manufacture our replacement lenses from optical-grade polycarbonate, a high quality material known for its strength (i.e. scratch resistance), and visual clarity. Learn about other key benefits on our lens features page.


Critical for supporting the lenses, rims are also referred to as the “eye wire” and form the front frame of a pair of sunglasses. This provides a helpful visual when understanding their function, which is to hold the lens in place. The lenses themselves are fitted inside the glasses frame. Rims also influence the overall look and style of the sunglasses themselves, so it’s a bigger aesthetic consideration.


The bridge is exactly as it sounds. The bridge-like design that connects the lenses to one another and sits atop your nose is what defines the bridge portion of a pair of sunglasses. It is padded for optimal support and carries the majority of the weight of the sunglasses. 

Top Bar 

Also referred to as the “brow bar” because of its proximity to a wearer’s eyebrows, the top bar is positioned above the bridge on some sunglasses, particularly for the aviator style, to provide additional support. Top bars are not a feature on all sunglasses. 

End Piece 

The primary function of the end piece is to connect the glasses frame to the lenses and temples. It attaches directly to the frame and sits on the outside of each side of the lenses. They vary in thickness, size, and shape, changing another aesthetic element for each pair of sunglasses.

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