Revant is Fighting for Your Right to Repair

Revant is Fighting for Your Right to Repair

It’s common sense. You buy it, you own it. End of story.

Have you noticed that it is getting harder and harder to fix things these days? If your phone's battery won't hold a charge, an appliance needs a simple replacement part, or your device is no longer supported, then you probably know that companies (deliberately) make it nearly impossible or unreasonably expensive to repair your device. Instead, consumers are encouraged to buy an entirely new product. 

What is being done about this problem? A growing movement has been pushing things forward for legislation that enables consumers to repair their purchases or have access to proprietary technology currently only available to the original manufacturer. 

Right to Repair

What exactly is Right to Repair?

Right to repair is a legal concept that allows consumers to repair their investments or choose their own service instead of going through the manufacturer, which in many cases is the only legal way to repair your purchase. Many warranties are void by simply even opening/disassembling an item to examine it. 

What needs to change?

  • Information Available to All: Access to manuals, plans, and software updates. Software licensing shouldn’t be conditional and should be clear in what’s included.
  • The Tools You Need: Consumers should be able to obtain the parts and tools to fix devices, including diagnostic tools.
  • Ethical Design: Devices should be designed in a way as to make repair possible.
Mindful Manufacturing

Why should I care? I can just buy a new pair.

Throwing things away because one tiny piece breaks is bad for your wallet AND the planet. That's why we're committed to giving your sunglasses a fighting chance by providing the best replacement lenses on the market, and helpful installation videos so you can do it yourself. We believe that a scratched lens should never result in you being forced to shell out for an expensive new pair of glasses. Revant also stocks many lenses for your discontinued favorites, being the only option to keep your classics like new forever.

Some glasses are too cool to retire, even when the lenses are long past their prime. Now Revant can give a second life to any frames with custom-cut and expertly installed replacement lenses. Just ship us any complete pair and we’ll take it from there.

Repair Your Glasses
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