Running Essentials: What to Wear While Running

Running Essentials: What to Wear While Running

The ideal pair of running eyewear is lightweight and stays put. Whether you are hitting the shady trails or blasting through PRs under the sun, Revant has the right tinted lens for your sprints. When running with Revant, you’re not only giving your favorite frames a victory lap, you’re leveling up by keeping your eyes protected from UV rays every step of the way. 

Revant currently offers 16 different tinted lens colors. Between the various warm and cool tones, you’re sure to find the right ones for you. 

Different types of colored lens

Revant has 16 different sunglass lens colors, all suited for various purposes. You are able to match your old lenses, or customize for your activity and style. All sun lenses are made of optical grade polycarbonate, provide 100% UV protection, impact resistance, and our 365-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

Of the 16 different options, certain sunglass lens colors are better suited for specific types of UV light and activities.

Midnight Sun, Fire Red, Flare Gold, Emerald Green, Ice Blue, Plasma Purple, Black Chrome, Titanium, Gray Green and Stealth Black would all be fitting lens colors for situations with bright light. Conversely, Crystal Clear has the perfect makeup for low light. For a combination of medium to low light needs, Revant’s Adapt Gray Photochromic and Dark Brown lenses are great options. These lens tint colors are also categorized according to their view tint: clear, neutral or warm.

What are the benefits of tinted sunglasses? 

While tinted sunglasses are surely fashion-forward, they also pack a punch in the exceptional eye protection they offer. They do this by helping filter light away from your eyes, which depends on their color. Some lens amplify colors you see and make them appear more vivid, while others distort colors, lessen the intensity of glare, block light entirely, or improve the sharpness and clarity of vision.  

While there are many lenses to choose from, each with a host of benefits, it’s important that you determine what you are looking for specifically so you can seek out the correct lens for you. Additionally, it’s crucial to be equipped with a checklist to determine whether a lens is high-quality or not: this is seen in its ability to increase depth perception and reduce eye fatigue while maintaining clarity. It’s also helpful to mention that regardless of the color lens you choose, any quality pair of sunglasses should have 100% UV protection. Be sure to check this for yourself. 

You will also want to consider your sunglasses’ ability to protect your eyes against high-energy visible light (HEV), alternatively known as blue-light spectrums. HEV has the potential to cause retinal damage, so be sure to weigh the costs and benefits when choosing your next lens color. 


How to decipher different lens colors 

As mentioned, it’s crucial to consider what kind of sunglasses and lenses you need and what you’re going to be using them for. Things to account for are polarized vs non-polarized sunglasses, your lifestyle and recreational activities such as being on the water or hiking.

Different colors will enhance and improve what you can see in different environments and during various activities. On the other hand, wearing the wrong color lens will actually disturb vision.

  • Gray Green

A great fit for everyday wear or playing golf and tennis, a green lens works to filter out blue light while reducing glare and eye strain in bright sunlight. 

  • Black Chrome MirrorShield

Gray lenses also reduce glare and block bright light. This makes them a great choice for fishing or water-based activities. They also work well for overcast and sunny days and have anti-fatiguing benefits, making them an ideal choice for driving.

  • Ice Blue MirrorShield or Plasma Purple MirrorShield

Blue and purple lenses afford wearers with incredible color perception and the ability to distinguish objects well. They’re an exceptional choice for highly reflective surface such as snow, and also perform well in foggy or misty weather. 

  • Midnight Sun MirrorShield 

Red or rose colored lenses, similar to green lenses, block blue light, which means they automatically reduce eye strain and boost visibility while driving. Additionally, red or rose colored lenses enhance the depth of field and amplify surrounding details. Because of these attributes, they are a great contender for many sports activities such as skiing. 

  • Fire Red MirrorShield, or Flare Gold MirrorShield

Best suited for low-light conditions, yellow or gold lenses are a solid fit for indoor or outdoor sports that require great attention to detail. They work to block out blue light, make surroundings brighter, and possess remarkable depth perception. However, be aware that yellow or gold lenses may distort color. 

  • Dark Brown or Flash Bronze MirrorShield

Similar to many other lens types we’ve discussed, amber or brown lenses are suitable for blocking blue light and improving depth perception, and are particularly apt at identifying small objects at a distance, such as in golf or baseball. Amber or brown lenses include tones of red and soothe eyes in the sun while enhancing contrast between other green and blue landscapes. 

Lots of options… pick the best one for you

There are numerous colored lens on the market currently, but if there’s anything we know to be true, it’s that doing your research in advance will help you pick the best sunglass lenses for your personal needs. Revant is here to help you customize your entire colored lens experience so you have what you need for various activities and conditions. 

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