Spot More Fish with Polarized Lenses

Fisherwoman Maddie Brenneman wearing sunglasses holding fish

Polarized lenses help you spot more fish under the water.

Whether it’s wading waist-deep in a rushing river, trolling and casting toward the shore, or quietly poling on a skiff-boat through the saltwater flats—one thing every fisherman or woman agrees on is that having sunglasses with polarized lenses makes all the difference.

Water has a lot of natural surface glare from the sun, which usually results in you not  being able to see much of anything. Polarized lenses block much of this glare and enhance details, enabling you to see more of what’s going on under the water’s surface in precise detail.

Wearing sunglasses out on the water also helps protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays reflecting off the surface of the water. Another added benefit is the extra protection lenses provide when small weights, flies or lures are flying around your head.   

Revant carries a great range of polarized lenses.

There’s nothing better than taking an old pair of sunglasses and turning them into your fishing specs. We can replace your old lenses quickly with some Revant Elite polarized lenses and they’ll cost less than buying a new pair of polarized sunglasses. Here are the top lenses we recommend for better fishing performance:

Elite Polarized Emerald Green MirrorShield®

Revant Elite Polarized Rogue Green lenses slice through glare and are perfect for wading rivers or lake fishing. With 88% of visible light blocked, your eyes can stay relaxed in the bright light and you can concentrate better on the details—like that big trout weaving in and out from behind that massive boulder across from you.

Outside view of Emerald Green MirrorShield lenses

Elite Polarized Ice Blue MirrorShield®

Optimized for deep-sea fishing or poling the salt flats in bright, direct sun, Revant Elite Ice Blue’s precision polarization blocks 99% of glare and filters out the relentless blue light reflecting off the ocean. The Ice Blue lenses intensify color and sharpen contrast, so when those spooky Permit appear out of nowhere, you can actually see them and be ready with the cast.

Outside view of Ice Blue MirrorShield lenses

Polarized Flash Bronze MirrorShield®

Ideal for medium and changing light conditions when the clouds are on the move, the amber-tint of Flash Bronze polarized lenses delivers sharp clarity and eye comfort for a full day of fishing. The amber-tint also dials up the clarity of detail, so you can concentrate more on that fishy white flash at the end of your line.

Outside view of Flash Bronze MirrorShield lenses

If you’ve ever tried a pair of polarized lenses vs regular lenses without polarization and looked into the water, you will be amazed at the difference in what you can see. And replacing older lenses with some new polarized lenses can give your old sunglasses a whole new life. 

Shop our full-line of Revant Elite polarized lenses here.

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