You're in it for the speed, so don't let a hidden road hazard or misgauged corner put you on the breaks. The right lens for the riding condition enhances your view — sharpening essential details and giving you the focus you need to churn out the miles.


Polarized Stealth Black

Bright Light Lens

Whether you're grinding up a mountain pass or winding along country roads, with Stealth Black your eyes will stay fresh long after your legs have tired. Built to take on harsh sunlight and eliminate glare, the precision polarization boosts contrast-enhancing depth perception and definition so you'll see every last road hazard that dares to mess with your rhythm.

Protected by an Anti-Scratch hard coat to resist scratches, deter dirt buildup, and prevent smears so your sightlines remain clear.

View of the road seen with and without the Stealth Black lens


Polarized Flash Bronze

Medium Light Lens

When light conditions are all over the map, keep your eyes tuned to every nuance of the road with Polarized Flash Bronze. Built to ratchet up contrast levels, details in and out of shadows will stand out in clear relief and colors will pop off the pavement. The enhanced color separation brings out depth, making it easier to spot changes in the road so you can quickly adjust your line and maintain your cadence.

Repel Water + backside Anti-Reflective coatings clear your lenses of sweat and water and keep distracting glare from bouncing back into your eyes.

View of the road seen with and without the Flash Bronze lens


Tracer Orange

Low Light Lens

For the early morning and late evening rides or when the sky is covered in clouds, Tracer Orange ensures sharp clarity in dim light. Amplifying contrast and lifting depth-perception, details will pop against the gray pavement so you can make out every last crack and pothole with your eyes instead of your tires.

Repel Water + Anti-Fog performance coatings shed water and limit fog from clouding your lenses — giving you a clear view of the road.

View of the road seen with and without the Tracer Orange lens


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