Optimized for a day on the links, the right lens for the light condition will sharpen your view of the fairways and greens so you can commit to good lines and shave strokes off your game.


Elite Polarized Emerald Green

Bright Light Lens

Prepared to take on the 18 no matter how bright the sun, Emerald Green maximizes contrast, emphasizing contours and slope variables for a more accurate read of the green. With enhanced depth-perception and intense color separation, the white of the ball will pop against the sky so you can track it from tee to fairway. And precision polarization cuts piercing glare for fresh eyes and sharp focus from the first practice swing to the last putt.

Repel Water + backside Anti-Reflection performance coatings shed water and sweat and keep glare from bouncing back into your eyes so nothing can come between you and your best game.

Golf course view seen with and without the Emerald Green lens


Non-Polarized Tracer Rose

Medium Light Lens

Suited for the days the clouds are playing give and go with the sun or long shadows are slicing up the course, Tracer Rose narrows in your focus. A subtle flash of blue MirrorShield® takes the sting out of bright light, while the rose tint highlights essential details in the shadows. Designed to elevate contrast and pull out the different shades of green so you can gauge the breaks and know exactly where you need to put the ball.

Repel Water + Anti-Fog performance coatings shed water and limit fog from clouding your lenses — denying anything that could pull your focus.

Golf course view seen with and without the Tracer Rose lens


Non-Polarized Tracer Orange

Low Light Lens

When you've got an early morning tee time or are squeezing in a round before the sun sets, Tracer Orange snaps your vision into sharp focus. Blocking the blue light that dominates overcast days, it intensifies available light and kicks up the contrast — improving your perception and ability to discern fine details like the cut and lay of the course.

Repel Water + Anti-Fog performance coatings clear your lenses of sweat and fog build-up so you can keep all your attention on your next swing.

Golf course view seen with and without the Tracer Orange lens


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