Optimized for a day on the links, the right lens for the light condition will sharpen your view of the fairways and greens so you can commit to good lines and shave strokes off your game.


Revant Emerald Green Replacement Lenses

Elite Polarized Emerald Green

Bright Light Lens

Prepared to take on the 18 no matter how bright the sun, Emerald Green maximizes contrast, emphasizing contours and slope variables for a more accurate read of the green. With enhanced depth-perception and intense color separation, the white of the ball will pop against the sky so you can track it from tee to fairway. And precision polarization cuts piercing glare for fresh eyes and sharp focus from the first practice swing to the last putt.

Repel Water + backside Anti-Reflection performance coatings shed water and sweat and keep glare from bouncing back into your eyes so nothing can come between you and your best game.

Golf course view seen with and without the Emerald Green lens

Close up of Flash Bronze Lenses reflecting the sky

Elite Polarized Flash Bronze

Medium Light Lens

If you’re out there hitting bombs off the tee, you’re going to want lenses that will help you track your ball as it sizzles across the sky. Flash Bronze lenses really dial up the contrast to help you scan the fairways and read the subtleties of the greens. Ideal for early tee times or late afternoon rounds, these lenses perform great in medium light conditions.

view looking at a golf course through the flash bronze lens on the left versus without a lens on the left

Close up of Flare Gold Lenses reflecting the sun

Elite Polarized Flare Gold

Bright Light Lens

You don’t have to be a scratch golfer to appreciate the warm view tint that Flare Gold lenses offer. Every blade of grass looks sharper and crisper and not even the bright midday sun can throw you off your game with these lenses caddying for your eyes.

View of a golf course looking through Flare Gold lenses on the right versus no lenses on the left

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