The Best Sunglasses for Water Sports

The Best Sunglasses for Water Sports

Are you someone who enjoys water sports and wonders which sunglass lenses are best for your watersport activities, whether it be fishing, boating, or kayaking? While there are several options on the market, the color lens you select is crucial to your viewing experience while on the water, as it influences the amount of visible detail and color acuity. It’s also important to consider a lens that performs well in your specific environments by taking into account whether there will be low or bright light and sunny or cloudy conditions. In this article, you’ll find all of Revant’s suggestions for the best sunglasses for watersports.


Gray lenses serve a unique purpose in that they are primarily designed to block bright light. Because they are not high-contrast lenses, a gray tint does not compromise colors in the environment; they still appear honest. As such, gray lenses are great for open water environments such as in fishing where the sun is overhead and intense, as they’ll provide ample eye protection. They are also favorable when viewing deep blue water and for long hours of use, such as a long day on the river, at the lake or on the beach. We recommend our Gray Green and Gray Gradient lenses. 

Copper, Rose, and Brown Lenses 

On the flip side of things, copper, rose, or brown lenses are high-contrast lenses, and as such, are a better choice if you’re looking to identify finer details in your environment, such as spotting and tracking fish closer to shore, or kayaking in shallow bodies of water. This range of colors also boast high contrast qualities without being too dark in low light, offering a smooth transition from sunny to cloudy and hazy conditions. Moreover, they provide optimal UV protection. 

Rose Lenses 

While copper, rose, brown and gray tinted lenses are best for strong daylight, rose lenses are intended for lower light conditions on the water, such as in the early morning, evening, or when it’s overcast. They work to reduce glare without darkening the field of vision. 

Blue Lenses 

As the name might suggest, blue lenses are best suited for environments with strong blue hues, such as somewhere tropical. This occurs because of the mirroring effect of the blue lens, which refracts any incoming blue light rays. 

There’s a lens color for everyone

It’s important to note that polarized sunglasses and tints are two different mechanisms. Polarized sunglasses cut glare in harsh outdoor lighting, while tints can be either light or dark and customized to fit the wearer’s desired view. That said, experts assert there’s no “wrong” choice when it comes to choosing lens color or shade, and it’s very much a personal preference. Whether you're a Costa del Mar fan or opt for the Oakley flak jacket style, Revant's got you covered with the best interchangeable lenses for sport sunglasses. We can even help you pick out the perfect pair of sunglasses from well-known brands or custom replacement lenses to suit your lifestyle. 

No matter what water sport you are taking part in, sports sunglasses are crucial to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Check out this article to learn more about why your sunglasses should have UVA and UVB protection. Take the time to conduct your own research and test different lenses until you land on a pair that fits your lifestyle best.

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