What Are Decentered Lenses?

Two pairs of Oakley Fuel Cell with Revant Decentered Lenses

What does it even mean?

Optics is an exacting science and making lenses with exceptional visual properties is difficult and precise work. That’s why many lensmakers skip this step, but that’s just not the Revant way – all of our Elite lenses are decentered for maximum optical clarity.

A lot of lenses either place the optical sweet spot directly in the center of the lens, or the lens has a uniform thickness. This is fine for flatter-shaped lenses, but when applied to wraparound lenses, distortion – similar to a fisheye effect – starts to happen. And distortion can lead to headaches, eye-strain and less than ideal vision.

conventional lens vs revant elite lens

The way we correct for this effect is by decentering a lens. Optical decentering means that the sweet spot has been strategically shifted from the geometric center of the lens to the optimal position in front of the eye for high wrap frames. If you’re looking at a decentered lens from the top, it will appear thicker towards one edge. There is a lot of tricky optical stuff going on here, but the main thing you need to know is that decentered lenses allow for the sharpest, most distortion-free vision, without the eye strain.

lens thickness infographic on decentered lenses versus normal lenses

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