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Revant S2L Sunglasses


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Revant S2L Sunglasses

  • Matte Black
  • Elite Polarized Stealth Black
Revant S2L sunglasses provide maximum field of view so you don't miss a thing, no matter what bold pursuits you undertake.
  • Frames designed and built in the USA
  • Backed for life with Revant Max Care
  • Fit: Medium/Large
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Free Shipping & Returns in the USA

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Buying a pair of Revant Sunglasses gets you into the Lifetime Lens Club, which gives you 20% off non-prescription replacement lenses for this frame for life.

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The Revant S2L is our upgrade to shield-style sunglasses. Built for bold pursuits and providing maximum field of view, the sleek, aerodynamic frame of the S2L is weight-balanced to eliminate bounce. The nose bridge ensures strong lens retention and angled temples avoid conflict with helmets and headwear.

Key Features

  • Maximum Field of View

  • MaxGrip® non-slip protection

  • Balanced for minimal bounce

  • No headwear interference

  • Elite polarized lenses

  • Easy to swap lenses

  • Protective case included

Revant Elite Lenses

Revant Elite lenses are premium, precision-crafted lenses that deliver superior clarity and meet the highest quality standards for UV protection and polarization. Additionally, there are plenty of tint options to help you manage light in any situation.

look through naked eye look through stealth black
Naked Eye
Revant Lens
  • Polarized to block glare
  • 100% UV Protection
  • High Impact Resistance
  • 10% VLT (For Bright Light)
  • High optical clarity
  • Anti-scatch and water-repellent coatings

When the sun is blazing bright overhead, Elite Stealth Black lenses are the no-nonsense protection you need for all-day wear. Filtering out 92% of visible light and eliminating blinding glare, the neutral tint and polarization helps keep your eyes sharp.

look through naked eye look through fire red
Naked Eye
Revant Lens
  • Polarized to block glare
  • 100% UV Protection
  • High Impact Resistance
  • 16% VLT (For Bright Light)
  • High optical clarity
  • Anti-scatch and water-repellent coatings

Elite Fire Red lenses blaze while keeping your eyes cool and cutting out glare. A blue tint provides refreshing comfort and clarity in even the brightest light, all beneath a vibrant red MirrorShield® coating.

look through naked eye look through flash bronze
Naked Eye
Revant Lens
  • Polarized to block glare
  • 100% UV Protection
  • High Impact Resistance
  • 22% VLT (For Bright Light)
  • High optical clarity
  • Anti-scatch and water-repellent coatings

Elite Polarized Flash Bronze enhances your view with richer colors and bolder definition. Precision polarization eliminates glare and atop it all sits a subtle flash of MirrorShield® technology for added clarity and comfort.

stealth black Stealth Black
fire red Fire Red
titanium Flash Bronze

S2L Frame Breakdown

The frame of the Revant S2L was built to accommodate a huge field of view while maintaining a high standard for visual clarity. It grips comfortably and tightly with MaxGrip technology and its sleek aerodynamics reduce drag and evenly distribute weight.

full coverage

The wraparound frame design and single shield lens of the S2L bring the sunglasses closer to your eyes, providing maximum field of view and optimal clarity.

full coverage

Our proprietary MaxGrip® material is designed to keep your S2Ls locked in place. Most frames get slippery when they're wet or coated in sweat. Not so with MaxGrip®. It grabs tighter the wetter it gets.

full coverage

The S2Ls aerodynamic frame is weight-balanced to prevent bouncing when taking on rough terrain, and angled temples prevent headwear interference.

Field of View
Secure Grip
Weight Balance

Frame Fit & Specs

Renewable and Modular

Each style of Revant Sunglasses features a complete system of interchangeable parts and lenses. If pieces or parts break or wear out, we'll always carry the replacements you need, and they install easily in our innovative modular system.


Every component of Revant Sunglasses is designed to be refreshed and restored. Select different parts of the sunglasses to learn more.


Our lenses provide 100% UV protection, anti-scratch protection, and impact resistance. We’ve been manufacturing high-quality lenses for nearly a decade, and we never compromise our standards.


We'll never stop making parts for our frames, and their design enables you to restore them to peak performance if they break or are damaged. No screws, no metal pieces, and no paint to chip. All of this is backed by our Max Care guarantee.

rubber kit

Our proprietary MaxGrip® material is designed to grip tighter when it's drenched in sweat. It's antimicrobial, and all of the temple sleeves and nose pads can be removed and replaced with ease. We built this material to last twice as long compared to traditional products.

Rubber Kit

Made Here in the USA

We build our products in the USA because the closer we are to them, the better they'll be. Working here enables us to make high-quality frames that will last a lifetime.


We designed these sunglasses after gathering data from over 1 million pairs of replacement lenses sold, as well as insights gathered from 500,000+ customers. That process illuminated one indisputable fact. People find a favorite pair of sunglasses and want it to last. For life. So that's what we built.


Our designs required us to dive deep into process to ensure that each of our frames is manufactured to the highest level of quality. Any small imperfection, any inefficiency in the production process could lead to a sub-par product, and we did and continue to do the work to make sure that doesn't happen.


We test our sunglasses in every environment and under stress in a variety of activities. On top of that, our lenses were designed to meet ANSI Z87.1 standards for high-impact and high mass protection. This means that when you're wearing our sunglasses, your eyes are safe.

Asset 1

Backed for Life by Max Care

When you buy a pair of Revant Sunglasses, you’re taken care of for life. If something goes wrong with our sunglasses, we'll make it right, and you can rest assured that our Eyewear Experts have you covered.

  • 60 Day Risk Free Try-On
  • Frame Guaranteed for Life
  • Parts-for-Life Promise
  • Lifetime Lens Club
  • Lost Frame Replacement Program
  • Eyewear Expert Support




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