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How it Works

With Revant lenses, swapping is simple. We send you detailed instructions and all the tools you need. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1:
Identify your sunglasses.

Step 2:
Select your new lenses.

Step 3:
Easily install and go.

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“Fantastic Replacements”

“My original lenses were scratched up and thought I would give these a shot. I have had them now for over a month and been mountain biking, hiking and other sporting activities and they have worked great.”

Sam B.

“Better Than The Originals”

“Recently purchased my third set of lenses. The previous two were perfect replacements but this last set seem to be better than the OEMs the glasses came with.”

Rob M.

“Great Lenses, Exact Fit”

“We contacted Costa Del Mar for replacement lenses and they recommended Revant Optics to us. When a highly reputable sunglass company recommends another vendor for their replacement lenses they must be really good. I could not be happier with my new lenses.”

Juan H.

“Worth It!"

“Gotta say these lenses are actually better than the OG Oakley lenses! Fit nice and looks good. Better than paying another 100$+ for a new pair!”

Rafael R.

“Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses”

“The lenses arrived on time and were a perfect fit and the exact match color wise for my scratched Ray-Ban lenses. Took about 30 seconds to install each lens.”

Dieter S.
  • Perfect Fit Guaranteed

  • 1-Year Warranty

  • 60 Day Risk-Free Trial