6 Best Sunglasses for Cycling

6 Best Sunglasses for Cycling

When you hit the road for a ride, you want the best cycling sunglasses that can keep you focused on your cycling performance. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best sunglasses for the next time you log some miles. Oakley is one of our top-rated cycling glasses, but Smith also offers an exceptional sports sunglasses model. Keep reading for a breakdown of each one of our top sunglass picks, and if you already own a pair, consider replacement sunglass lenses to have as backup for your cycling adventures

Oakley Sutro

The Sutro is comparable to the Sutro Lite. This Oakley sunglasses model is known for following a current cycling trend that’s seeing bigger frames, perhaps even “oversized,” and as a result, boasts greater lens coverage with a casual wraparound style for complete eye protection. The continuous frame encapsulates the entire shield-like polarized lens. Sutro is known for its grippier nose piece, which is helpful when cycling inevitably becomes sweaty. The Sutro and Sutro Lite are designed for medium or large heads and helmets, and both have long arms, so consider how that will interact with your specific helmet. Because of the shield-like lens, there’s an impressive and expansive range of view. With enhanced eye protection and polarized lens, these sunglasses are also great for other outdoor activities such as golf. For a comprehensive list of the best sunglasses for golf, check out the Revant Optics blog for help finding which pair will suit your golf game the best.

Oakley Sutro Lite 

Many of Oakley’s frames are similar to one another, but possess a few distinct characteristics. While similar to the Sutro, the Sutro Lite fits marginally snugger than the Sutro, so if you’re seeking that layer of security from harmful UV rays while you cycle, it may be for you. They are perhaps best known for being incredibly tolerant of sweat and hotter, humid conditions and offer a fantastic range of view. One minor drawback of the Sutro Lite is that they feel flimsy in comparison to the regular Sutro, but some report that these polarized cycling sunglasses are ideal for road riding. We all know that accidents can happen on a long trail ride, so knowing how to replace Oakley lenses, in case they get scuffed is important when you're zoned in on the path ahead. Read our guide on how you can easily replace your Oakley lenses in just a couple steps!

Oakley Radar Path

Known for being a highly reliable polarized lens model, the Oakley Radar Path has a large frame, but not the largest on the market. Their respective size makes them a wonderful option for cycling in the head-down position, as they don’t allow for light and UV rays to get in through the top. Similar to the Sutro line, the optics on the Radar Path are top-notch, with no distortion and an uninterrupted range of view. The nylon-infused plastic material of the frame creates a tackiness that makes the Radar Path a dependable model for sweating while cycling. Additionally, the Radar Path is flexible and fits great with any helmet.

Smith Wildcat 

The Smith Wildcat has a reputation for remarkable optics, being anti-fog, and protecting eyes from debris, which is especially important when you’re blazing through the miles. The Wildcast frame is also known for being a very comfortable frame compared to its counterparts. The frame stretches the same length as the lens itself, so you can feel secure that they won’t fall off your face. Moreover, the Wildcat’s hydrophobic lens coating means that rain and sweat does not accumulate and will certainly not deter you from having an awesome ride. 

Oakley Ridgeline 

A first-class choice for bigger head sizes, the Ridgeline is known for making a statement and offering maximum coverage with its largest lens in history. They also have interchangeable frames so you can customize them to your liking, as well as a nose pad that keeps your glasses in place so you won’t have to worry about them sliding off. Lastly, Oakley’s signature “O-Matter'' proprietary frame material means the frames themselves are incredibly lightweight but also designed to truly be used. 

Oakley Radar EV Pitch 

The Oakley Radar line is immensely popular, and for a good reason. “EV'' stands for Extended View and indicates a slightly taller lens. Known for its lightweight feel and lack of frame, many report hardly noticing them on their face, which can be an advantage for many riders as it prevents lens fogging. However, because of their frameless design, they do not fit snugly against a cyclist’s cheek, but with just the right amount of tightness. 

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