The Differences Between Oakley M Frame Lenses

Oakley M Frame Sunglasses with various sizes of Blue Lenses

So you’ve got an Oakley M Frame

Awesome choice! It’s an athletic frame style with a variety of lenses that allow for customization. So much variety, in fact, that it can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes downright confusing. Not to worry, I’ll break it all down for you.

Spinning view of Oakley M Frame Sunglasses with clear lenses

Oakley M Frame (the most recent version that Oakley introduced in 1999)

Let’s start off with one of the most popular questions our Customer Experience receives:

What M Frame do I have?

Nine times out of ten, people own the most recent generation of M Frames that Oakley started producing in 1999. When they ask “What M Frame do I have” what they really mean is “What lenses are in my M Frame?

But, just to be sure, check out this blog post to verify which generation of M Frames you have. If you came here searching for information on the M2, check out our Oakley M2 vs M2 XL blog post instead.

Ok, I checked it out and I’m sure I have the M Frame Sweep.

Well, my friend, I’m about to blow your mind. If you’ve got the “M Frame Sweep” — what you’ve actually got is an M Frame with a Sweep lens installed.

M Frame Sunglasses + M Frame Sweep Lenses = M Frame Sweep Sunglasses

You could also install a Heater, Hybrid, or Strike and they’d all fit. There’s no difference between the M Frames themselves, just the style of the lens that’s in them — and all of those lenses are interchangeable in your M Frame. Your options just quintupled, you’re welcome!

I get it. I’ve got M Frames and I’m ready to choose my lens.

Awesome, there’s a bunch of options so let’s take a look at what’s out there.


This lens style provides the most coverage out of all the Oakley M Frame lenses. The lower edges have large wings and the lens has a curvy and fluid shape.

Oakley M Frame Heater Lens Measurements

You can find replacement lenses for Oakley M Frame Heater here.


This is a blend between the Heater and Strike lenses. You’ll get the curved sides of the Heaters combined with the straight bottom lines of the Strike.

Oakley M Frame Hybrid Lens Measurements

You can find replacement lenses for Oakley M Frame Hybrid here.


This lens doesn’t have wings that wrap around the sides like the Heater and has a much more angular and block-like shape.

Oakley M Frame Strike Lens Measurements

You can find replacement lenses for Oakley M Frame Strike here.


This is the smallest lens of the bunch. It’s got angular pointed edges that wrap around longer than the Strike but not quite as long as the Heater.

Oakley M Frame Sweep Lens Measurements

You can find replacement lenses for Oakley M Frame Sweep here.

For a look at how these lenses compare to each other, click through the carousel.

Oakley M Frame Lens Comparison versus Various Styles

Sweep Vented (Revant Exclusive)

Oakley offers vented options for each of their M Frame lenses, but based off user feedback, the vents were letting in too much air and light into the wearer’s eyes. The lens we created to solve for this is in the Sweep style, and features custom vents at the top to maximize airflow without inhibiting the lenses ability to keep wind and debris out of your eyes.

Oakley M Frame Vented Lens Comparison

Oakley M Frame Lens Compared to the Revant Lens for Oakley M Frame

That’s all there is to it!

So get to customizing your M frames with our Oakley M Frame replacement lenses and be sure to share your style with us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter!

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