What Lens Color is the Best for Bright Days?

What Lens Color is the Best for Bright Days?

There’s a reason so many lens colors exist: some are better suited for specific purposes than others. If you spend any amount of time in the sun, you may be in the market for lenses that can accommodate large amounts of bright light. Fortunately, such lenses exist, and they not only help to combat bright light, they actively help protect the eyes and reduce eye strain.

The full spectrum of colors offered by Revant is for more than just matching your frame and kit. Each lens tint is your view to the world around you, providing definition, contrast, and clarity depending on the conditions. Whether you’re looking for the best sunglasses for watersports or the best sunglasses for cycling, your choice in lens color matters depending on how bright or overcast outside conditions may be. The right tint can make all the difference between spotting potholes or debris and ruining your ride. So, if you're wondering, "what lens color is best for bright days?", follow along to discover which is the best lens color for you. Learn how you can also use your favorite frames for different activities with replacement sunglass lenses.

The Best Lens Colors for Bright Days

What color lens is best for day driving? 

Gray Base Lenses 

A Gray Base is a great neutral lens color that excels in bright conditions. Perfect for day driving and a variety of other outdoor activities because of its dense tint while still preserving the color integrity of surrounding environments. These lenses are naturally much darker than brown or green lenses and reduce the amount of visible light transmittance (VLT) for the brightest, harshest light. However, darker lenses aren’t always optimal, this is where adding a mirror color to the front of a gray lens can increase visible light transmission and allow the gray base to flourish in a variety of environments. This versatility makes gray lenses great for day driving and a variety of outdoor activities.

Revant colors with a gray base are as follows:

  • Stealth Black | No Mirror | 12% VLT
  • Titanium | Gray w/ Silver mirror | 12% VLT
  • Black Chrome | Gray w/ Flash Silver mirror | 13% VLT
  • Ice Blue | Gray w/ Blue mirror | 11% VLT
  • Plasma Purple | Gray w/ Purple mirror | 15% VLT
  • Midnight Sun | Gray w/ Red Purple mirror | 14% VLT
  • Gray Green | 13% VLT | Excellent for field related activities 

Green Lenses 

Another suitable option for bright (and dark) days is a green lens. Green is comparatively more contrast-enhancing than gray lenses. Their main function is dimming glare while simultaneously brightening shadows. 

Green lenses perform well in varying light conditions - the inherent contrast boosting qualities of this lens color make it suitable for bright and medium light respectively. This tint is definitely viewed as an all-around lens that blends function and fashion. 


Similar to green lenses, a brown lens color blocks harmful light and naturally increases contrast. This makes sunglasses with a brown color lens a great choice for a bright day outdoors, specifically for mountain-based activities and shallow water fishing. The brown tint helps minimize the bright glare of the sun and snow. High contrast lenses are also perfect for other sports such as baseball and golf because it allows an athlete to closely track the ball. Moreover, it helps the wearer recognize changes in terrain. 

Revant Lens Colors:

  • Dark Brown | 15% VLT
  • Flash Bronze | Brown w/ Flash Silver mirror | 20% VLT
  • Fire Red | Brown w/ Red mirror | 13% VLT
  • Emerald Green | Brown w/ Green mirror | 
  • Flare Gold

What are the benefits of yellow lenses? 

While yellow lenses combat blue light and ease eye strain, they are not equipped to handle large amounts of bright light. This means they wouldn’t be a great option for bright days. They are also the go-to choice for archery/shooting sports.

Many lens options 

So what color lenses are best for light sensitivity? Well, that can depend on what you need them for. From brown, gray, or green color lens options, you have a variety to choose the perfect tinted sunglasses from. As always, pick the lens that’s best for you and your needs! With a variety of options, it’s worth the time spent doing research to figure out which ones will best serve you.

Revant Optics offers a wide range of different colored lens options and styles of sunglasses to help you embark on any adventure - so check out our collection now!

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